Waste Oil Recycling

Recycling Waste Oil
It's valuable!

Waste oil is energy rich, safe and can save you money. Every gallon of waste oil contains 140,000 BTUs of energy. That's the same amount of energy that the oil had before it was used. Don't let that energy go to waste. If you are getting paid to have it hauled away then you are getting about one third of its value or less depending on the fuel type you are currently heating with. The hauler resells your oil for a profit to an industrial customer who purchases the used oil at a savings to him versus the conventional fuel he may use that you are buying at full price! On top of the monetary value of heating with used oil, the EPA says recycling waste oil on-site is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing it. What is your used oil worth?

Onsite recycling
Why it's important to us

Besides helping to eliminate our customers heating bills and disposal risks, waste-oil heating conserves nonrenewable energy sources, such as natural gas, heating oil, propane or coal-generated electricity. We've engineered waste-oil heating systems to consume very little energy, between 1,650 and 2,200 watts – that's about the same amount of energy needed to run a toaster or hair dryer. By finding smart, efficient ways to reuse waste oil, we're putting more money in our customers’ pockets and taking less away from this planet we call home. Those are benefits we can all appreciate.