Big Ass Fans Basic 6 model

Basic 6 by Big Ass Fans vs. MacroAir AVD 3

Why an HVLS fan?

If you are looking for a solution to help increase occupant comfort and shelf life of your products, decrease hazards in your environment due to lack of moisture control, or decrease your energy bill, an HVLS fan might be a perfect solution.

Where was HVLS started?

Dairy farms is the short answer. MacroAir invented the HVLS (High-volume, low-speed) industry when a dairy farm was looking for a solution to cool their cattle in order to produce more milk. Since then there have been many companies entering the market with slick marketing campaigns, like Big Ass Fans. In this comparison we look at Big Ass Fans Basic 6 model vs. The MacroAir AVD3 model. You might be surprised what 3 blades vs. 6 blades actually means.

Isn’t six blades better than three?

The short answer is no. By eliminating blades we were able to reduce the weight, wear-and-tear and ultimately reduce energy costs. Having winglets like those featured on the Big Ass Fans Basic 6 can also increase torque on the fan and could decrease the life of the HVLS fan. The MacroAir AVD3 gets the job done better with less material and energy consumption, period.

*This data was obtained and derived from publicly available information as of February 19, 2019.

Questions to ask your HVLS sales associate

Be sure to check all the boxes when you are looking to make an investment into purchasing an HVLS fan. Answering a few of these questions up front could save you big in the long run.

Here are a few additional resources you might find helpful when choosing an HVLS fan: