Big Ass Fans Isis model

Isis by Big Ass Fans vs. MacroAir AVD 370

Why an HVLS fan?

High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are much more efficient than traditional ceiling fans. They use relatively little energy to much a large amount of air, balancing temperature and improving the air quality in a space. If you are looking for a commercial HVLS fan to ventilate your smaller spaces, you are likely considering a Big Ass Fans Isis model or EnergyLogic's MacroAir AVD-370. Big Ass Fans’ Isis comes in sizes ranging from 8’ to 10’, while the MacroAir AVD-370 supports a broader range of 6’ - 12’.

Why was HVLS developed?

Dairy cattle is the answer. The inventors of HVLS were approached by a dairy farm that needed to find a solution to cool their cows so they could produce more milk. Since inventing the HVLS fan, application for these big fans have expanded and they are now used across several industries including automotive hops, aviation facilities, restaurants, retail stores, bars, arenas, fitness centers, auditoriums, warehouses, and more.

What are those things on the blades?

They’re just for looks, but Big Ass Fans and some other HVLS manufacturers will try to tell you otherwise. They claim that winglets and blade attachments can improve the efficiency of the fan, but a recent study by the United States Department of Energy (DoE) has determined that this is not true. Other studies have found that they can actually be detrimental to motor life and efficiency. EnergyLogic's MacroAir AVD-370 uses the most advanced (and patented) motor technology available and doesn’t need gimmicks to be the best performing, most efficient fan in its class.

Who has the best warranty?

MacroAir Fans boast a whopping 50,000-hour runtime, no matter who installs your AirVolution-D fan. Big Ass Fans Isis comes with a 7-year mechancial and 3-year electrical warranty.

*This data was obtained and derived from publicly available information as of February 19, 2019.

What about putting the fan in reverse?

On colder days, running the HVLS fans in reverse will help save on heating costs and keep the room more comfortable. Be sure to check how easy it is to put your HVLS fan in reverse. Big Ass Fans Isis’ will require the flip of the switch on the fan itself, which may require a ladder out lift... not very convenient. The MacroAir AVD-370 comes with on demand control when you use the digital touchscreen remote that comes standard with every MacroAir fan.

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