Big Ass Fans Powerfoil 3.0X, MacroAir AVD 780

Powerfoil X3.0 by Big Ass Fans vs. MacroAir AVD 780

What is a HVLS fan?

HVLS stands for high-volume, low-speed fan. These HVLS fans are bigger than 7 feet in diameter and are used to move large amounts of air to help condition big areas such as warehouses, barns, auto dealerships, auditoriums, restaurants, air plane hangars, fitness centers, and other large public gathering places.

When do you need an HVLS fan?

If you are looking for more comfort, an HVLS fan can be a great asset. Not only will it help keep you cool but it cuts down on your energy bill up to 35%. In the winter, EnergyLogic’s MacroAir HVLS fans can spin in reverse, pushing the warm air off the ceilings and back down to the floor where your heat belongs.

Whats with the wings?

Some companies like Big Ass Fan feature wings on their blades. Recently the department of energy has issued new compliance requirements for 2020 that significantly impact the HVLS fan industry - in a good way for consumers. EnergyLogic’s MacroAir fans have already met the DOE compliances while other companies, like Big Ass Fans, might need to rethink their strategy and the effectiveness of having the wings. EnergyLogic's MacroAir AirVolution-D 780 generates 45.5% blade efficiency at max compared to a design with winglets generating only 39.7% blade efficiency at max.

Choosing a product

When choosing a product for your space you will want to consider ease of use and technology available to help monitor your fans energy consumption. Some fans feature a geared motor that has more components at risk of breaking down. Geared motors can also produce more noise and tend to put more pressure on the structure, due to weight. Consider an EnergyLogic MacroAir gearless motor fan.

*This data was obtained and derived from publicly available information as of May 26, 2017.

Warranty considerations

So who offers the best warranty in the industry? This is a no-brainer. MacroAir carries a full warranty with 50,000 hours of run time, or 16 years based on average run hours per year! Macro also supports three years labor coverage for removal, re-install and freight for replacement unit. Big Ass Fans only offers a 7 year, no factory install or 15 years, factory install, and only one year warranty labor coverage. Typically, a factory installation requirement from Big Ass Fans can cost you more money.

Installing your HVLS fan

This is the tricky part - or not. EnergyLogic MacroAir fans offer a full warranty, no matter who installs your fan. You can either do it yourself or hire someone like EnergyLogic to help with install. Either way you are likely to save compared to having a factory install that is required by Big Ass Fans. Also worth noting is the weight - EnergyLogic’s MacroAir fans are light as a feather, coming in at a 239 lbs hanging weight, compared to Big Ass Fan’s 415 lbs hanging weight, which will also require additional structural support in some applications.

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