EnergyLogic Hvls Fans for Commercial Restaurants

EnergyLogic Fans: Best Warranty, Easiest Installation

High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) EnergyLogic fans are a great investment for your business. Whether you’re cooling an auto shop or providing some fresh air to your customers, HVLS models provide better circulation with less noise, lower costs, and reduced energy consumption.

When it comes to these giant machines, they aren’t all created equal. At Energy Logic, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible HVLS fans. We back up every purchase with the best warranty on the market.

A Warranty You Can’t Beat

When we say our warranty is a cut above the rest, we mean it. Every Energy Logic fan includes a 50,000 hour, 3-year parts and labor guarantee. If something goes wrong with the fan and it’s our fault, we’ll replace it. There are no loopholes, just the security of a genuine promise.

When you can rely on your fan, you get a certain peace of mind, too. Imagine knowing that your circulation needs are covered for the next 1095 days. With that kind of dependability you can spend more time focusing on building your brand.

Another benefit of Energy Logic HVLS fans is the built-in safety features. We test our failsafe measures continuously to ensure they’re top of the line. No one else can say that about their product.

Easy Installation

Our fans are also easier to install than the competition’s. Each one is designed to be ultra-lightweight, without sacrificing a bit of performance. This makes it easier to mount them, saving you even more time and money. In fact, it only takes two people to self-install many models.

Are you ready to experience the climate control possibilities of a high-volume, low-speed fan? Give us a call today and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the fans, the installation process, or the costs. Don’t delay any more.

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