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AirVolution-D 550 Fan

AirVolutionD 550

  • Retail, dealership, equestrian, and manufacturer
  • Available Blade Diameters: 8 ft. - 18 ft.

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Get the Facts on Airvolution 550

From the Inventors of HVLS Technology

For medium to large spaces, the AirVolution-D 550 fan is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity. Ideal locations include auto shops, gyms and agricultural applications. The system design eliminates the gearbox for a lighter, leak-proof fan that is durable and runs with less friction. This design makes it easy to install, maintenance-free and practically inaudible. The full line is also Wash Down rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Key Specs

  • Airfoil sizes 8 to 18 ft. integrate into any medium to large space
  • Airfoils also available in black and other customizable colors
  • 70% lighter for easy installation, less wear and tear*
  • On-board AirBrain adapts to input voltages, optimizes motor control
  • No gearbox means quiet operation and no maintenance
  • Integrates into HVAC and other automated building systems via gateway
  • Wash Down Duty rated for indoor/outdoor use (IP65)

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I installed my 2 Macro Air D-3 fans. I couldn't be happier!!! They make a cool, medium breeze throughout my dairy barn and the cows have already consumed more feed than usual. If they eat more on these hot summer days, they will make more milk and be more profitable for me, thanks to you, EnergyLogic!

Raphael Schumacher, farmer Pocahontas, IL

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