MacroAir HVLS Fans vs Big Ass Fans

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More Power. Half the Size.

MacroAir AirVolution-D 780

  • Sensorless permanent magnet brushless DC motor, 2.1 Horsepower
  • Gearless direct drive eliminates the gearbox, increasing efficiency and durability while decreasing noise and weight
  • Only two moving parts, requiring zero maintenance
  • Zero liquids, no oils that could leak from a gearbox
  • IP66 rated for outdoor environments
  • Hanging weight: 213 pounds
  • Maximum RPMs: 64

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Plus

  • AC induction motor, 2.0 Horsepower
  • Large, heavy custom gearbox
  • Dozens of moving parts in motor and gearbox
  • Gearbox is oil filled
  • IP 55 rated, not for outdoors without costly upgrade
  • Hanging weight: 419 pounds
  • Maximum RPMs: 48


Highest Efficiency. No Gimmicks.

MacroAir AirVolution-D 780

  • NASA inspired airfoil generates 45.5% blade efficiency at max, over the entire speed range
  • Requires less energy for optimum airflow
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Anodized clearcoat finish resists dust accumulation and oxidation
  • 6 blades create optimal spacing for maximum volume, velocity and air delivery to the space below

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Plus

  • Airfoil design including winglets generates only 39.7% blade efficiency at max
  • Requires more energy for optimum airflow
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Raw mill finish, anodization a significant upcharge
  • 10 blades increases weight, lowers efficiency, does not produce more cfm


The Smartest Big Fan. By Far.

MacroAir AirVolution-D 780

  • Onboard microprocessor customized for HVLS fan environments
  • Broad range power input adapts to voltages automatically, including single or three phase power
  • Broad range input allows fan to be run on 277 volt circuits
  • Broad range input instantly adapts to power dips and spikes without interruption
  • Electronics and motor rated to 60˚C or 140˚F, valuable in hot warehouses
  • Accelerometer senses fan sway from wind, earthquakes, equipment collisions to shut down fan immediately

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Plus

  • Off the shelf variable frequency drive
  • Voltage specific vfds required to match input power
  • 277 volt VFDs not available
  • VFDs have limited ranges for voltage variation before they shut down
  • Rated to 50˚C or 122˚F before VFD could derate or reduce performance
  • No accelerometer


Do It Yourself. And Save.

MacroAir AirVolution-D 780

  • All mounting hardware included, customer selects their own mounting solution
  • Rapidly adjusts for compound angles with patented ball mount, reduces install time significantly
  • No guy wires required on typical installations with up to 10 foot drop height
  • 38 inches minimum clearance recommended from fan blades to ceiling or deck above
  • Fan hanging weight: 213 pounds, more manageable, faster to install

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Plus

  • Each mounting solution is an additional option and added cost
  • Customer or installer must accurately assess the mounting solution before ordering
  • No guy wires required on typical applications up to 4 foot extensions
  • 96 inches recommended from fan blades to ceiling or deck above
  • Fan hanging weight: 419 pounds, may require additional structural support in some applications, structural engineering support often recommended


Best Warranty in HVLS Fans

MacroAir AirVolution-D 780

  • 50,000 running hours, full coverage, non pro-rated equates to 24 years based on average run hours per year
  • Factory install not required, customer can self install or use installer of choice
  • Three years warranty labor coverage for removal, re-install and freight for replacement unit

Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Plus

  • 7 years with no factory install, 15 years with factory install
  • Factory installation requirement is typically a higher priced installation
  • One year warranty labor coverage

The company that invented the HVLS fan has created the next generation. Introducing AirVolution-D. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison between the new AirVolution-D and conventional HVLS design. You’ll see the advantages in power, efficiency, intelligence, and reliability at every turn.

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