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EnergyLogic Marcoair HVLS Fan Direct-Drive motor

Big Commercial Fans – Most Powerful Motors

After inventing HVLS, what does MacroAir do next? Do it again, only better.

MacroAir Direct Drive

Smaller and lighter

With only two moving parts, compared to hundreds in a conventional HVLS fan, MacroAir’s direct-drive motor sports a slim profile that’s light, long-lasting and whisper quiet.

More powerful and more efficient

MacroAir’s motor has the highest overall energy efficiency, delivering 50% more mechanical horsepower and 76% more wind power than traditional gearbox motors.

MacroAir's motor


Inside AirVolution-D is a smart processor that acts as the brain behind the fan which can automatically adjust to different power sources, adapt to voltage fluctuations and allows users to access real-time performance analytics.


The lightweight, slim profile of the drive system allows it to be installed without unsightly guy wires. This elegant design and sleek profile enhance any décor.

MacroAir Fan

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