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MacroAir HVLS Fans – Features

Feels good, all year long

In the summer, our fans can lower perceptible room temperature by 5 to 15 degrees by creating a wind-chill effect. In the winter, when they run in reverse, they’re effective at de-stratifying air so that the warm layer on the ceiling is re-circulated all the way down to the shop floor. This can make your employees more comfortable and more productive.

EnergyLogic Fan

Designed for Power, Efficiency, and Comfort

MacroAir invented the HVLS fan and carries on the legacy with the tough and rugged AirLegacy & AirVolution, equipped with premium industrial gearmotors. The commitment to comfort goes beyond invention to innovation with the sophisticated-yet-simple AirVolution-D.

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Cuts energy consumption

When used with traditional HVAC equipment, MacroAir fans lower cooling costs by up to 30%. In winter, they re-distribute warm air trapped on the ceiling to bring comfort through a room, cutting heating costs by up to 20%. Thanks to their lightweight, innovative drive system and overall design, MacroAir fans are an extremely energy-efficient and long-lasting HVLS fans.

Control where you need it

MacroAir’s digital wall controller offers easy control from the ground. The controller allows you to run your fan forward, in reverse, or at a variable speed, and even includes a runtime hour counter. Optional components are available to integrate into almost any building automation system for unprecedented fan control. Schedulable and securable large-touchscreen controllers for running up to single, four, or thirty fans are also available.

Fan Blade Contour

Out-of-this world aerodynamics

MacroAir’s NASA-inspired blade design has the perfect contour for moving air while putting minimum strain on the motor. Made of anodized, stainless aluminum, it’s both durable and energy-efficient. The AirWing vented blade, featured on most models, even channels air to the motor to keep it running cool. And with nearly 200 color options and even more combinations, you can customize the look of your fan.

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