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MacroAir HVLS Fans – Features

Feels good, all year long

In the summer, our fans lower perceptible room temperature by 5 to 15 degrees by creating a wind-chill effect. In the winter, when they run in reverse, they’re effective at de-stratifying air so that the warm layer on the ceiling is re-circulated all the way down to the shop floor. This makes your employees more comfortable and more productive.


EnergyLogic Fan


The smallest, quietest, most powerful motor

Sophisticated yet simple, the MacroAir’s motor has only two moving parts, compared to hundreds of gears in conventional fans. This makes it lighter, quieter, and just a fraction of the weight of a geared-motor fan. The core of the system is a simple ring of copper with ultra low resistance and very small size. This innovative design produces the highest overall efficiency in the industry. The motor delivers 50% more mechanical horsepower and 76% more wind power, even though it’s one-third the size of a conventional gearbox.


Blows away the competition

MacroAir was the first to create an HVLS fan, the first to introduce a 6-blade design, the first to run in reverse, and now the first to unveil the lightweight, energy-efficient, durable, and beautiful Direct-Drive HVLS motor. While others simply imitate MacroAir’s old designs, our fans are on the leading edge of technology, simplicity, and reliability.


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Cuts energy consumption

When used with traditional HVAC equipment, MacroAir fans lower cooling costs by up to 30%. In winter, they re-distribute warm air trapped on the ceiling to bring comfort through a room, cutting heating costs by up to 20%. Thanks to their lightweight, innovative drive system and overall design, MacroAir fans are the most energy-efficient and longest-lasting of any HVLS fans.


Beauty, Brains, Brawn

Stylish on the outside, most MacroAir fans also come equipped with a patented AirBrain that offers ground-level diagnostics, touchpad remote and full operations integration via Gateway. The AirBrain even adjusts to different voltages automatically. And while they’re both beautiful and stylish, MacroAir fans are also tough enough to work outdoors. With an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 65, they provide the highest-rated protection against dust and are so moisture-resistant they can even be pressure-washed.


EnergyLogic AirBrain


Control where you need it

MacroAir's digital wall controller offers easy control from the ground. The controller allows you to run your fan forward, in reverse, or at a variable speed, and even includes a runtime hour counter. It integrates into almost any building operation system for unprecedented fan control. Controllers for running up to six fans or up to thirty fans are also available.


Fan Blade Contour


Out-of-this world aerodynamics

MacroAir's NASA-engineered blade has the perfect contour for moving air while putting minimum strain on the motor. Made of anodized, stainless aluminum, it’s both durable and energy-efficient. The AirWing vented blade, featured on most models, even channels air to the motor to keep it running cool. And with nearly 200 color options, you can customize the look of your fan.


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