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Waste Oil Heaters – Features

It all starts with efficient combustion

We get you warmer faster with less maintenance by generating the hottest flame in the industry. Our patented flame retention head is designed for complete combustion, which offers two big benefits: First, you get the highest heat output–double the heat rise compared to the competition. Second, you get the longest maintenance interval, due to a flame so hot it incinerates most impurities, leaving less ash to clean.

retention head


More fuels, no hassles

Our heaters are the simplest to own and operate. That’s because our heaters run on fuels from No.2 to 90 weight (even synthetics) thanks to a Beckett chassis and AccuTemp preheater. They work together to maximize the efficiency and heat output of the waste oil you burn. And our patented metering pump by Danfoss provides consistent, reliable fuel delivery, regardless of fuel type, without manual adjustments.

Highest heat + Smartest Design = Lowest Maintenance

Our combustion technology is designed to keep your heater cleaner longer. Our heaters have a longer maintenance interval. We make cleaning quick and easy with a swing-away burner and ash removal port that offers unparalleled access to a chamber made of one wide tube. Compare that to competing models composed of several small tubes that are not only difficult to access but also tend to accumulate ash very quickly. With our design you’ll get more uptime between cleanings and make short work of your maintenance routine.

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Stainless and Peerless

Why a stainless steel heat exchanger? Only stainless steel is able to withstand the higher temps produced by our burner. Stainless steel is also a superior heat conductor, which means you get warmer faster. Compared to the heavy, cumbersome carbon steel used by the competition, stainless steel is lighter, better at heating, and is far more resistant to warping and weld breakage. It also does a superior job of incinerating contaminants that lead to corrosion. That’s why the life of our heater is measured in decades not years.

Heat Exchanger

On-board air compressor

Why run shop air 24/7 to heat your space? EnergyLogic burners come with a small, super-efficient air compressor mounted right on the unit. It provides the perfect amount of airflow with no manual adjustments. Most competitors’ units require you to use shop air, taxing a vital resource in your shop and adding hours of unnecessary runtime by keeping your facility warm during off-hours. But with EnergyLogic heaters, you get the air you need, only when you need it.

Heat wherever you need it

EnergyLogic heaters are ductable, allowing you to install your furnace in the most convenient spot while still channeling warmth where you need it.

Just right for you

Only EnergyLogic combines expertise and the largest variety of accessories in the industry to provide the ideal, customized solution for you. Our furnaces, tanks and systems will transfer to most of your existing equipment while adding enhancements to create a solution as individual as you are.

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