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What Is “Waste Oil”? Innovative Energy Sources and Uses for Industrial Processes

Waste oil is an inevitable byproduct of many industrial processes. Dealing with waste oil can put a constant drain on a business’ bottom line. EPA-approved methods of disposal, which a company must pay to build infrastructure for, or they must pay another company to take it away and properly dispose of it. Fortunately, the future is looking bright when it comes to waste oil. As technology moves forward, we can find and implement alternative uses for this material.

Understanding Waste Oil


Waste oil is generally defined as any type of refined crude oil or synthetic oil that can no longer perform it’s intended use. Oils are used for a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes such as lubrication, hydraulics, buoyancy, and heat transfer. Through these uses thermal breakdown occurs, contaminants and debris like sawdust, dirt, dust, metal shavings, and salt gradually accumulate in the oils.


As a practical resource, one of the great things about oil is its ability to be reused repeatedly after recycling. After oil has been used and contaminated, it can be filtered, recycled, cleaned, and reused several times. There are several methods for recycling oils, waste oil can even be used as fuel. Recycling oil is a fantastic way to reduce resource expenses and operating costs, mitigate their negative impacts on the environment, and pursue more sustainable energy solutions.


Recycle Waste Oil


Some facilities will recondition their waste oil on-site and use it again immediately. However, most of the methods used to do this on-site don’t completely renew the oil, but rather extend its effective lifespan. Waste oils are also often used as feedstock for refinery manufacturing operations.


Another form of recycling waste oil is re-refining. In this process, the waste oil is treated to remove contaminants and impurities, then used as a base for new oil. This method also reduces the amount of new oil that a company must purchase.


Using waste oil for energy is one of the best ways modern companies are recycling used oil. Waste oil can be cleaned and then burned for heat energy.


Waste Oil as Fuel


Many companies find that using waste oil as fuel is a cost-effective and responsible method for handling waste oils. Using waste oil as fuel saves on space, resources, costs, and human resources. Improperly disposed waste oil is a tremendous hazard to the environment because it contaminates groundwater and devastates natural ecosystems both near and far from the site of the spill.


Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of gallons of waste oils are improperly discarded every year in the United States alone. If more companies pursued more sustainable and responsible oil handling processes, they will reduce the negative impact their operations have on the environment while reaping tangible benefits, like reduced costs and improved productivity. Almost every kind of oil can be repurposed as fuel—from motor oil to emu oil—and these oils can fuel heating systems or the evaporators used in water/oil separators, effectively creating an in-house recycling process for turning waste into energy.


Waste oil, used as fuel, can serve as a combustion agent for a heating apparatus, meaning your enterprise isn’t paying a utility company to keep your facility warm and habitable. You use the waste oil generated by your processes, effectively turning a waste byproduct into a fuel source.

Develop a Unique Solution for Your Company


Every enterprise from every industry is going to have unique concerns, processes, and types of oils used in its operations. If you’re interested in pursuing a more sustainable energy plan for your company, reducing your overhead, and improving your production efficacy, consider how to use your waste oils as a beneficial source of energy and savings. Reach out to us to set up an oil test, and we can help you develop a solution that works best for your organization.


Investing in waste oil heaters and boilers can be a fantastic method for reducing utility costs and managing waste. You won’t have to worry anymore about complex processes for properly disposing of your company’s waste oils. With our systems, you can make them work for your organization all over again in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible way.



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