AirVolution D550 big fan

Why Less is More with EnergyLogic HVLS Fans

Have you gotten a big fan quote with a huge price tag? Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into paying extra for a brand name and lower quality products. EnergyLogic HVLS fans offer the best warranty in the business without the overhead.

Custom Solutions

One advantage of working with EnergyLogic is our knowledgeable team. We have years of hands-on experience calculating your fan needs and installing them. You tell us about your building and goals, and we’ll match you with the perfect solution for your company. No gimmicks, no upsells, just the right answers.

Better Equipment, Better Prices

Even without our fantastic customer service, our MacroAir HVLS fans speak for themselves. We have the best warranty in the business to go with our excellent materials and design. Every EnergyLogic fan comes with a 50,000 hour, 3-year warranty on all parts and labor. Any time you have a problem, we’ll have the solution.

Our big fans run more efficiently than the competition, too. Each one features a direct-drive motor for a more powerful, sleeker, and quieter experience. They’re stylish enough for indoor applications and durable enough for outdoor setups too.

Every blade is inspired by NASA themselves. The unique shape offers maximum air flow while minimizing the strain on the motor. That means you get better performance, longer.

Easy Installation

We’ll also save you time and money during installation. Our HVLS fans are ultra-lightweight, so it’s easier to handle them. Lighter parts mean faster installation, which reduces your cost. Most models can even be self-installed by two people for even greater flexibility.

Are you ready to experience the power of high-volume, low-speed fans? Call EnergyLogic today and we’ll walk you through all of our features and benefits without charging you more just for a brand name. Less money, better performance. What are you waiting for?

Questions? We got solutions.

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