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EnergyLogic is Your Leading Provider of HVLS Fans and Waste Oil Heating Systems

When you know you are buying a product that helps your business, your customers, and the planet, that’s what good feels like. You have the power to save money and time. You have the ability to focus on what matters. Let EnergyLogic help you find your custom solution to provide heating and cooling your space with the best technology in the industry.

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EnergyLogic leads the way with our clear policies on sustainable liquid recycling.

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Heat for auto shops

At EnergyLogic, we make products and offer solutions that not only save energy (and money) but increase your facility’s efficiency by creating a safe, comfortable place to work, where employees are even more productive. We sell only the best, top-of-the-line waste oil furnaces and HVLS fans. But we don’t stop there. We also listen to you to uncover what’s important, then design a custom configuration of our equipment focused on the specific requirements of your independent garage, car dealership, airplane hangar, fitness center, farm, or even house of worship. We have solutions for literally dozens of industries. And a custom configuration just for you!

Let us help you cut your utility bills in half! If you’re a garage, dealership, or heavy equipment dealer/service provider, the waste oil you collect can be used to heat your entire building with an EnergyLogic recycled-oil furnace. (Imagine having a heating bill of $0 all winter!) Now you can focus on running your business knowing you’ve solved your waste-oil-disposal problem while at the same time keeping your facility’s temperature warm and comfortable. (Now that’s a win-win!) For total coverage, you can pair our waste oil heaters and boilers with our our big fans to redistribute heat throughout your shop during colder months. Then keep those huge fans turning in summertime to cool things off! Only EnergyLogic offers the range waste oil heating accessories and big fan options to truly tailor a configuration that is as unique as your individual shop or facility. To see just one example of how we customize our solutions, check out our range of waste oil tanks, some designed to save space inside, others to maximize recycled oil fuel storage outdoors.

EnergyLogic Marcoair HVLS Fan

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No time to clean your old standard heaters and fans? Our EnergyLogic waste oil furnace is easy to clean and maintain, so you can spend more time with customers. On top of that, waste oil furnace emissions are far less than DIY alternatives, and virtually odor-free.

But why choose EnergyLogic? How is our waste oil heater superior to the competition? It starts with our patented waste oil burner which is designed to burn the widest range of recycled fuels. Our hot flame offers the additional benefit of increasing reliability while reducing maintenance time by destroying more of the impurities often found in used oil. We are so confident in all our waste oil heating products and accessories that we stand behind them with the industry’s first and only money-back guarantee.


So when you buy an EnergyLogic waste oil heating product or HVLS “Big” fan, you can be confident that your saving money while creating the safest, cleanest and most comfortable environment for yourself, your workers, your customers, and even the planet.

That’s what good feels like.

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