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Waste Oil Heaters

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Designed with superior engineering and crafted for optimal performance, our innovative waste oil heaters transform the burden of waste oil into a valuable asset.

Industrial Waste Oil Heater Models

EL 140H Waste Oil Heater
Heats up to 3,500 sq.ft.
EL 200H Waste Oil Heater
Heats up to 5,000 sq.ft.
EL 350H Waste Oil Heater
Heats up to 9,000 sq.ft.
Fuel Flow Rate
1.0 gal/hr (3.8 L/hr)
1.4 gal/hr (5.3 L/hr)
2.5 gal/hr (9.4 L/hr)
140,000 BTU/hour
(41.6 kW/hour)
200,000 BTU/hour
(58.3 kW/hour)
350,000 BTU/hour (102 kW/hour)
Heat Rise Over Input Air
100° - 120°F
(37.8° - 48.9°C)
100° - 120°F (37.8° - 48.9°C)
100° - 120°F
(37.8° - 48.9°C)
Air Flow
1000 cfm (28cu. m/min)
1500 cfm (42cu. m/min)
2600 cfm (74cu. m/min)
Warm Air Outlet Dimensions
(38cm W x 38cm H)
(38cm W x 38cm H)
(38cm W x 38cm H)
Exhaust Flue Diameter
6" or 8"
(15cm or 20cm)
6" or 8"
(15cm or 20cm)
Furnace Dimensions
18" H x 18" W x 92" L
(46cm H x 46cm W x 234cm L)
18" H x 18" W x 103" L (46cm H x 46cm W x 262cm L)
22" H x 22" W x 117" L
(56cm H x 56cm W x 297cm L)
Furnace Weight
295 lbs (132 kg)
315 lbs (142 kg)
415 lbs (188 kg)

Small Shop Waste Oil Heater Model

EL 75H
Heats up to 1,750 sq.ft.
Fuel Flow Rate
0.54 gal/hr (2.0 L/hr)
75,000 BTU/hour (21.98 kW/hour)
Heat Rise Over Input Air
Air Flow
500 cfm
Exhaust Flue Diameter
6" (15cm)
Furnace Dimensions
75" H x 21" W x 26" L
Furnace Weight
210 lbs

Heater Solutions

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How Does a Waste Oil Heater Work?

A storage tank on the burner is filled with waste oil from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetic. An electric motor operates a circulating fan that pulls air into a blast tube. A pump draws the waste oil from the storage tank and through a filtration system. The filtered waste oil is pumped to the burner system and pre-heated to the perfect temperature for more complete and even combustion.

The pre-heated oil is sprayed into the blast tube where the oil mixes with air. The heated mix of waste oil and air are ignited by a high voltage electric current and is passed over a heat exchanger to remove heat from the ignition. The heat exchanger’s warmth is passed efficiently to cooler air or water passing through the heat exchanger’s other side. All of this heat is vented out to the main space or system to be heated and leftover gas is vented to the outside of the space by a chimney.

Waste Oil Heaters Key Features

Key Feature Waste Oil Heater
Stanless Steel Heat Exchanger

Exclusive - Designed to prevent corrosion, warping, and weld breakage.

Built to last decades, not years. Open design for easy cleaning. 

Digital Hour Meter

Tracks runtime

Accutemp Preheater

Patented - Rapidly heats the widest range of viscosities of used oil,

synthetic oils, and other acceptable fuels.

Integrated Air Compressor

Built-in so you don’t have to connect to and rely on shop air.

Providing 24/7 heating availability.

Side Suction Metering
Fuel Pump

Patented - Reliable, consistent fuel delivery regardless of fuel type

(up to 90W) with no manual adjustments.

Low Fuel Cut Off

Exclusive -

*Included with fuel delivery kits, complete systems, and with heater only.

Elevated Fuel Pick Up


1. Pump can be mounted at the fuel source—instead of on top of the tank

—so the pump is flooded with used oil, not air!

2. Fuel pick-up is six inches above the bottom of the tank,

above water and sludge, ensuring only used oil is sent to the furnace.

3. Easy spin-on stainless mesh filter.

Flame Retention Head

Patented - This patented design creates a hotter flame than competitor brands for complete

fuel combustion and the highest heat output. Less ash is produced resulting in longer

maintenance intervals than competitor brands.

Swing Away Burner

This convenient combination makes cleaning the chamber faster

and easier than any other brand. One tool, 30 minutes or less.

Fuel Guage

Visual indicator of how much used oil is in your tank.

Drain Valve

Makes it simple to purge water or other contaminants

that naturally settle in the bottom of the tank.

Class A Flue Kit

Stainless steel interior, double-wall fl ue kits are UL-listed and meet local codes.

*Standard for a complete system or sold separately.

Minimum Ceiling Height

*Minimum 12ft ceiling height for a tank-mounted heater.

*Wall mount brackets available.

EnergyLogic provides a full line of tanks, flue kits and other parts and accessories for a complete and custom install.

Environmentally Friendly, Energy-efficient Products

EnergyLogic remains committed to providing the industry's most advanced used oil furnaces and boilers.

Burn the Most Types of Oil

Burn waste oil ranging from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetics, without manual adjustments.

Advanced Heat Exchanger Design

Our design maximizes the heat output and ensures efficient distribution, providing optimal warmth.

On-board Air Compressor

You don't need to hook up shop air to our furnaces. Now you can use your tools and the furnace at the same time.

Custom Solutions

With the industry's widest selection of accessories, we can create a tailored solution for your space.

Quick and Easy Cleaning

The swing-away burner and ash removal port make our furnaces easy to maintain.

Industrial Waste Oil Heater Accessories

Customize your waste oil heater to meet your exact needs. EnergyLogic supplies: 

Waste Oil Storage Tanks

Recycled oil contains many impurities, sludge, and even water, and require special holding tanks. EnergyLogic’s storage tanks were developed to handle waste oil, delivering cleaner fuel for superior combustion. 

Waste Oil Heater Savings Calculator

Save significantly on heating bills and collection fees with an EnergyLogic waste oil heater. Try the savings calculator below to see just how much!  

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Information based on U.S. Energy Information Administration. *Based on insulated space with 16ft. ceiling. Results may vary based on geographical & other considerations.

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The Industry’s Most Robust Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

We’re so confident in our products, we are the only company to offer a 90-day Moneyback Guarantee on our complete systems, heaters, boilers, and accessories. If you’re unsatisfied with your new EnergyLogic product, we’ll send someone over to you to make it right. After that, if you’re still not happy, you can return the product for a refund of the purchase price, terms and conditions apply*! 

EnergyLogic’s warranty covers two years on parts* and ten years on the combustion chamber*.  This is one of the longest warranties in the industry. We want you to feel as confident as we do in the quality of our products.  

*Money-back Guarantee: the customer must allow EnergyLogic to send a service provider to the customer’s location in order to attempt to resolve any issues impacting performance. In addition, the heating product or system must be installed according to the product instructions in the owner’s manual. If the Waste Oil Heater system or product is still not performing to the customer’s satisfaction, even after a visit from an EnergyLogic service provider, then it can be returned for a refund. Please note that the customer is responsible for any previous installation charges, system or product removal, return packaging and shipping, as well as any missing or damaged parts.

*Warranty on Parts: Receive one year full warranty with purchase.  Second year full warranty requires product registration. Other terms and conditions apply.

*Warranty on Combustion Chamber:  Receive full warranty for the first 5 years.  The last 5 years will be pro-rated.