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Waste Oil Heaters

Waste Oil Heaters



EL 140H Waste Oil Heater

  • Heats up to 3,500 square feet approximately one to four service bays
  • BTU Input: 140,000 BTU (41.6 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 1.0 gallons/hour (3.78 liters/hour)
  • Heat Rise Over Input Air: 100-120º F (56-67º C)
  • Airflow: 1000 cfm
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 6” or 8”
  • Dimensions: 18”H x 18”W x 92”L
  • Weight: 295 lbs.
ELogic Furnace 140 Straight On ELogic Furnace 140 Angled ELogic Furnace 140 Blower Product Photos

EL 200H Waste Oil Heater

  • Heats up to 5,000 square feet approximately four to eight service bays
  • BTU Input: 200,000 BTU (58.3 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 1.4 gallons/hour (5.3 liters/hour)
  • Heat Rise Over Input Air: 100-120ºF (56-67º C)
  • Airflow: 1500 cfm
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 6” or 8”
  • Dimensions: 18”H x 18”W x 103”L
  • Weight: 315 lbs.
ELogic Furnace 200 Straight On ELogic Furnace 200 Angled ELogic Furnace 200 Blower Product Photos

EL 350H Waste Oil Heater

  • Heats up to 9,000 square feet approximately eight or more service bays
  • BTU Input: 350,000 BTU (102 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 2.5 gallons/hour (9.4 liters/hour)
  • Heat Rise Over Input Air: 100-120º F (56-67º° C)
  • Airflow: 2600 cfm
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 8”
  • Dimensions: 22”H x 22” W x 117”L
  • Weight: 415 lbs.
ELogic Furnace 350 Straight On ELogic Furnace 350 Angled ELogic Furnace 350 Blower Product Photos

EL 75H Waste Oil Heater

  • Heats up to 1,750 square feet approximately one to two service bays
  • BTU Input: 75,000 BTU (21.98 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 0.54 gallons/hour (2.0 liters/hour)
  • Heat Rise Over Input Air: 100-250º F (37.8-121.1º° C)
  • Airflow: 500 cfm
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 6”
  • Dimensions: 75”H x 21”W x 26”L
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
ELogic Furnace 75H Straight On ELogic Furnace 75H Angled Product Photos

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The heart of our
Waste Oil Heaters

It starts with the best combustion. EnergyLogic’s burner meets the challenges of burning used oil and waste oil with best-in-class technology that delivers the most heat while requiring the least maintenance.

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Burn fuel efficiently

Burn fuel efficiently

With our complete combustion technology, you’ll get the most heat from the fuel you collect.

Burn more types of oil

Burn more types of oil

Burn waste oil ranging from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetics, without manual adjustments.

Get warmer faster

Get warmer faster

Our heaters produce twice the delta-T of our competitors.

Quick and easy cleaning

Quick and easy cleaning

The swing-away burner and ash removal port make our furnaces easy to maintain.

On-board air compressor

On-board air compressor

You don't need to hook up shop air to our furnaces. Now you can use your tools and the furnace at the same time.

Get a custom plan

Get a custom plan

With the industry's widest selection of accessories, we can create a tailored solution for your space.

Example accessories

Our accessories

More choices than anyone, for a custom configuration for everyone.

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Made for waste oil

Using waste oil for fuel presents a unique set of challenges. Our tanks turned those challenges into industry-leading features.

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Waste oil complete system

How much do you really want to spend to heat your business? Here’s an idea: How about $0. That’s right—Nothing! Now, here’s another question: Why do you pay to have waste oil removed when it’s a valuable fuel for heating? That’s like paying someone to drain your bank account!

So don’t burn cash! Instead, burn your used oil to heat your business for free. Waste oil heaters are more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional heaters and, on top of that, they’re better for the environment! EnergyLogic waste oil heaters get you warmer faster with a combustion and heat-exchange process that produces double the heat-rise of any other waste oil furnace on the market.

EnergyLogic produces more waste oil heater accessories than anyone. That means more custom configurations, DIY installation and easy, convenient monitoring of our equipment. You don’t even need much room for our heaters. We offer wall brackets that free up space in your facility. The brackets are strong enough to support the weight of a waste oil furnace and compact enough to stay out of your way. Heater operation is simple and reliable because we shut-out fuel contaminants with a Low-Fuel Cut-off Switch. This device is designed to stop the operation of your waste oil heater before unwanted air or contaminants threaten to enter the fuel system. For even more information on how we make heating with recycled oil both simple and effective, check out the rest of our waste oil heater accessories below.

Energylogic parts and accessories
Burn more fuels with energylogic waste oil heaters

Did you know that EnergyLogic’s used oil furnaces burn more types of fuels than any other waste oil heater? It’s true. The range of fuels include oils between 5 and 90 weight, and even includes synthetics! Our patented technology maximizes the output and the efficiency of the waste oil being burned. Having the hottest flame in the industry comes with some additional perks, like burning away impurities and producing less ash so that there’s less to clean and a long time between maintenance intervals! But when the time does come to clean, you’ll can make quick work of routine maintenance because EnergyLogic furnaces have a single large tube, providing easy access, rather than a whole bunch of little tubes that allow ash and grime to get trapped in dozens on narrow crevices that are difficult to access and very time-consuming to clean!

Many ask: Why do you build your used oil heaters with a stainless steel heat exchanger? It’s a good question. The answer is that stainless steel allows our recycled oil furnace systems to get you warmer faster because stainless steel is a superior heat conductor at operating temperatures. Stainless steel is also better at withstanding corrosion and higher temperatures over time, ensuring EnergyLogic’s waste oil heaters are not only light but resistant to breakage and warping.

Get the heat you need, when you need it, for free. No hassle, no downtime, and no worries about heating costs. Our in-house team of experts will help you develop a customized solution to fit your facility. Get more for your recycled oil, get more productive and stay comfortable all winter long with EnergyLogic’s waste oil heaters.

That’s what good feels like!

Heat exchanger for waste oil heater


Complete installation illustration

Complete system

Our all-in-one configuration includes a waste oil furnace mounted to a tank with everything you need. Perfect for anyone wanting a quick, integrated solution requiring no additional parts.

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Indoor tank installation illustration

Indoor tank

Have your waste oil furnace in one location while keeping your tank out of the way. We have the accessories that allow you to transfer oil to your furnace over long distances.

Installation with outdoor tank illustration

Outdoor tank

Save vital shop space and keep your waste oil tank outside. We have the accessories that let you run oil long distances from outside to inside.

Multi-furnace installation illustration


Larger shops may need more than one unit to keep the space warm. We’ll create a customized waiste oil heating solution tailored to your building and heating needs.

Fan with universal strut illustration


Our custom solutions often involve combining the unmatched heat of our waste oil furnaces with the power of an HVLS “big” fan. Our fans enhance the effect of heat. They’re designed to redistribute warmth, circulating heated air down from the ceiling to the shop floor where it’s needed most.

How does A Waste Oil Heater Work?

A storage tank on the burner is filled with waste oil from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetic. An electric motor operates a circulating fan that pulls air into a blast tube. A pump draws the waste oil from the storage tank and through a filtration system. The filtered waste oil is pumped to the burner system and pre-heated to the perfect temperature for more complete and even combustion.

The pre-heated oil is sprayed into the blast tube where the oil mixes with air. The heated mix of waste oil and air are ignited by a high voltage electric current and is passed over a heat exchanger to remove heat from the ignition. The heat exchanger’s warmth is passed efficiently to cooler air or water passing through the heat exchanger’s other side. All of this heat is vented out to the main space or system to be heated and leftover gas is vented to the outside of the space by a chimney.

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