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Independent Garages

EnergyLogic works with independent garages throughout North America as well as overseas. We’ve found that these small business owners have a strong appreciation for waste oil solutions that save money and improve worker productivity. Our waste oil heaters and MacroAir fans offer independent garage owners not only comfort but also more energy independence by controlling the cost of their energy bill. EnergyLogic’s waste oil furnaces and big commercial fans are easy to install and are beneficial to the environment. EnergyLogic LLC provides solutions that are suitable for any size auto shop or garage. Free-up space with one our our waste oil heating systems. We also offer the industry’s largest variety of parts and accessories to custom fit every shop. Whereas many garage owners come to us directly, others learn about us through NAPA, Advance, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and other national retailers.

Independent Garage Interior with Cars and Mechanic
Dealership with Rows of Cars in Bays

Car Dealerships

In the highly competitive world of car sales, every penny counts and there’s not a moment to waste. With the falling price of waste oil, more car dealerships are using what they collect to reduce or eliminate their heating bill with waste oil heaters. At the same time, car dealerships are increasingly turning to silent, stylish HVLS fans to keep both service centers and showrooms feeling cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by maximizing the heating and cooling they already have. Our MacroAir fans keeps showrooms cool and comfortable for employees and customers. Since today’s car dealerships are often highly sophisticated complexes, EnergyLogic LLC has a Dealer Network made up of highly skilled specialists. Our EnergyLogic specialists are trained to deliver the ideal combination of waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers, and HVLS fans to minimize energy expenses while maximizing the output of the workforce.

Fleet Management

Railroad, trucking, car-rental, and heavy equipment companies not only generate a lot of waste oil, but also operate in some of the most challenging and extreme work environments. Our best-in-class waste oil heating systems and big commercial fans are tough enough and smart enough to provide warmth and comfort even in vast work areas where conditions can be damp and inclement. Our waste oil heating systems provide the fastest heat recovery while our HVLS fans stand up to wind and rain. Given the challenges these industries face, EnergyLogic LLC assigns a specialist to each project. Our in-house expertise provides the often highly technical and always individual solutions required to meet the needs of today’s heavy industry.

Garage Interior with Truck Cab
Warehouse Interior with Boxes Stacked to Ceiling

Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural

EnergyLogic knows independent garages, dealerships, and truck fleets, but everyday we’re meeting more people from different industries. With the growing popularity of our HVLS fans, manufacturers, distributors, fitness centers, restaurants, and even places of worship are coming to EnergyLogic LLC looking for solutions on how to cool their space in the summer and keep their spaces warm in the winter. We have created solutions for these industries to save money on energy costs while effectively heating and cooling their facilities. EnergyLogic has diversified specialists trained in different industries to bring you the heating and cooling solution to best fit your business. Today, EnergyLogic is the largest distributor of HVLS fans, with solutions diverse enough to meet the varied needs of car dealerships, equestrian centers, and sports complexes alike.

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