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Big HVLS Fans for Commercial and Public Spaces

Commercial & Hospitality

Read how IKEA saved on facility operations by reducing heating and cooling bills and limiting CO2 emissions in their warehouse stores.

Keeping places like malls, shopping outlets, convention centers, places of worship, and other public spaces climate controlled doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans offer tremendous air circulation to keep commercial and public spaces comfortable day after day. The people who manage these spaces need to be certain that their heating and cooling costs stay reasonable, and Energylogic's MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic provide outstanding cost of ownership with the best warranty in the industry.

Why Choose MacroAir HVLS Fans?

Big HVLS Commercial Fans

Energylogic's MacroAir developed the first HVLS fan capable of running in reverse, meaning you can not only use HVLS fans to redistribute cool, conditioned air, but also push rising heated air back down to ground level. NASA designs were the inspiration behind MacroAir HVLS fan blades. These lightweight fan blades feature the perfect contoured shape for moving air and put minimal stress on the motor. This makes them far more durable and reliable than the competitions’ fan blades.

Energylogic HVLS fans also include direct drive motors, eliminating the noise that accompanies fans with gearboxes. Direct drive motors not only reduce noise, but also generate 50% more consistent horsepower. This construction means a reliable, consistent breeze that can keep even the largest public venues cool and comfortable during hot weather.

The Smartest Fan Technology

Most large public spaces incur hefty heating and cooling costs, and keeping everything running at optimal levels can be challenging. While other fans may require costly and time consuming maintenance or feature unintuitive control systems, MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic include an onboard AirBrain processor. The AirBrain allows you to control the HVLS fan from ground level via remote control, and you can even integrate your MacroAir HVLS fan into your existing HVAC control system.

This level of control means that your heating and cooling system doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire space. Instead of wasting money on inefficient heating and cooling solutions, enjoy more comfortable spaces at a far lower cost by investing in MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic.

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