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Waste oil boilers

Waste Oil Boilers


A true waste oil burner

A true waste-oil boiler

Our waste oil boiler is built specifically for waste oil.

Get warmer faster

With our true-vessel system you get hot water on demand without any wait time.

Get warmer faster
Burn more fuels

Recycle more fuels

Cleanly burn and blend the widest range of oils—5 to 90 weight, including synthetics—with no manual adjustments necessary.

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Tip top. Clean Through.

The swing-away door and breach give you easy access for ash removal. In a matter of minutes, your heat exchanger will be at peak efficiency.

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Easiest to clean
Advanced Controls

Advanced controlsSmart enough to cut fuel by 20%

On-Board Air Compressor

On-Board Air CompressorThe perfect airflow, only when you need it

Potable Water

Potable WaterHeat potable water for car washes, kitchens, and bathrooms

Deep Dive Articles - Find Out More About Our Efforts In Energy Efficient Waste Oil Boiling.

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The heart of our heaters

It starts with advanced combustion. EnergyLogic’s burner meets the challenges of burning waste oil with specially-developed technology that delivers the most heat conversion while requiring the least maintenance.

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EL 375B Boiler

  • BTU Input: 375,000 BTU (110 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 2.7 gallons/hour (10.2 liters/hour)
  • Water Output Temp: 230º F (110º C)
  • Capacity: 43 gallons (162.75 liters)
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 8”
  • Dimensions: 45”H x 28”W x 60”D
  • Weight: 1042 lbs.
Boiler Model EL375B Product Photos

EL 500B Boiler

  • BTU Input: 499,000 BTU (146 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 3.6 gallons/hour (13.6 liters/hour)
  • Water Output Temp: 230º F (110º C)
  • Capacity: 52 gallons (200 liters)
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 10”
  • Dimensions: 45”H x 32”W x 68”D
  • Weight: 1160 lbs.
Waste Oil Boiler Model EL500B Product Photos

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Furnace boiler installation illustration

Quick Installation. Easy Operation.

Be up-and-running fast with one of our six complete systems. From the boiler, to the tank, to mixing valve, everything is included.

Stacked on racks illustration

Big on BTUs, low on space.

Our boilers not only feature a small footprint, they’re designed to allow for stacking.

In floor hydronic installation illustration

Warm the floor

Safely heat the entire floor, making you feel warm and cozy by heating from the feet up! Melt ice on driveways and rooftops, and dry all wet surfaces.

Domestic hot water installation illustration

Domestic hot water

Install our optional domestic hot water coil to use your boiler to heat domestic water.

Custom solution complete illustration


Our custom solutions often involve combining the unmatched heat of our waste oil furnaces with the power of an HVLS "big" fan. Our fans enhance the effect of heat. They’re designed to redistribute warmth, pushing heated air down from the ceiling to the shop floor where it’s needed most.

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Furnace boiler installation illustration
Stacked on racks illustration
In floor hydronic installation illustration
Domestic hot water installation illustration
Custom solution complete installation illustration

Made for waste oil

Using waste oil for fuel presents a unique set of challenges. Our tanks turned those challenges into advantages.

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Example accessories

Our accessories

Custom configurations for anyone = environmental benefits for everyone.

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Waste oil boiler

When it comes to waste oil boilers, EnergyLogic is the obvious choice. Why? Because EnergyLogic engineered a boiler from the ground up, specifically for waste-oil and multi-fuel combustion. Recycle a wide range of waste oils from 5 to 90 weight, including synthetics, into valuable, clean-burning fuel. EnergyLogic boilers use a heavy-steel, true-vessel system so you get a longer-lasting heat exchanger and heat on-demand, when you need it. Swing-away and breach doors allow easy access to the interior combustion chamber, making maintenance a breeze and keeping your heat exchanger at peak efficiency. Pair EnergyLogic’s premium products with our world-class support team, and it’s easy to see why EnergyLogic is the clear choice.

EnergyLogic takes pride in the waste-oil boilers we produce, but we are especially proud of the solutions we create with our clients and customers. When investing in a used-oil boiler system, it makes a big difference to have a partner committed to understanding your facility and ready to create a custom configuration suited to your highly individualized work environment. Our used-oil boilers are already at work in many different industries and facilities, and we frequently partner with car dealerships, heavy equipment services, and transportation companies to heat everything from garages to workshops to office space. EnergyLogic boilers even de-ice parking lots and rooftops. Need hot, potable water? Our boilers can simultaneously provide secondary hot water to car washes, kitchens, bathroom and shower facilities, making them the most versatile product of their type on the market.

Automotive industry mechanic
Satisfied mechanic

EnergyLogic has been a pioneer in waste-oil heating for over 35 years, leading the way on the technologies used in today’s advanced-combustion waste-oil burners. EnergyLogic’s experience, combined with the American-made quality of a Beckett burner, produce a clean, efficient fuel burn, converting more fuel to useful energy and burning away more of the impurities that would otherwise stay behind in the form of additional and dirtier ash. Less ash means that EnergyLogic used oil boilers can run for longer intervals before requiring maintenance. Now that’s comfort with convenience.

EnergyLogic offers customizable solutions, support, and accessories so that your waste-oil boiler system is perfectly designed to fit your business and your unique application. Flue-draft, combustion-air, system-monitoring, and control accessories are available. EnergyLogic’s expert team is ready to help you make the most of your used oil, saving money and the environment! Our boilers are easy to operate and a breeze to maintain. When it’s time to clean, our boiler brushes are custom designed to fit our systems and quickly clear ash from the boiler tubes. That way your team wastes less time cleaning and more time being productive in a warm, safe, and comfortable environment.

That’s what good feels like.

Energylogic parts and accessories

How a Waste Oil Boiler System Works

A waste-oil boiler heating system is made up of two major parts - the waste-oil burning boiler that heats up the water or coolant, and the hydronic piping network that pumps and carries the heated water or coolant around the space. The heat is usually radiated from the pipes in a radiant floor or from convectors and radiators evenly spaced throughout the building.

There are several advantages to this type of radiant heating and the benefits are multiplied when you calculate the cost savings of using waste-oil boiler heating. The water or coolant used in the radiant hydronic system can absorb more heat and holds heat much longer than air. Waste-oil boilers heat buildings and spaces much more evenly and are often used to heat the mass of the building, leading to long slow releases of the stored heat.

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