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Waste Oil Tanks

When it comes to waste oil heating, ordinary fuel storage tanks just won’t do. Recycled oil contains many impurities, sludge, and even water. EnergyLogic’s tanks are robust enough to handle those challenges, delivering cleaner fuel for superior combustion.

Waste Oil Tank Models

EL 140H Waste Oil Heater
80 Gallon
EL 140H Waste Oil Heater
250 Gallon Single Wall
EL 140H Waste Oil Heater
250 Gallon Double Wall
Est. Shipping Weight
355 lbs
748 lbs
Est. Weight Full (used oil)
2,195 lbs
2,588 lbs
Spec Sheets
EL 200H Waste Oil Heater
500 Gallon Single Wall
Demo Image
500 Gallon Double Wall
Est. Shipping Weight
662 lbs
1,169 lbs
Est. Weight Full (used oil)
4,342 lbs
4,849 lbs
Spec Sheets

Elevated fuel pickup

Impurities settle, so our fuel pick-up is set six inches above the bottom of our waste oil tanks.

Pump at fuel source

Air causes problems. With our tanks, you can avoid air and pump right at the source.

Low fuel cutoff

Our tanks sense low-fuel conditions and turn off the system before there’s a problem.

Integrated drain valve

Easily purge sludge, antifreeze, and other contaminants that settle at the bottom of the tank.

Backed by our industry-leading

Warranty and Money-back Guarantee

Industrial Waste Oil Heater Accessories

Customize your waste oil heater to meet your exact needs. EnergyLogic supplies: 

The Industry’s Most Robust Moneyback Guarantee and Warranty

We’re so confident in our products, we are the only company to offer a 90-day Moneyback Guarantee on our complete systems, heaters, boilers, and accessories. If you’re unsatisfied with your new EnergyLogic product, we’ll send someone over to you to make it right. After that, if you’re still not happy, you can return the product for a refund of the purchase price, terms and conditions apply*! 

EnergyLogic’s warranty covers two years on parts* and ten years on the combustion chamber*.  This is one of the longest warranties in the industry. We want you to feel as confident as we do in the quality of our products.  

*Money-back Guarantee: the customer must allow EnergyLogic to send a service provider to the customer’s location in order to attempt to resolve any issues impacting performance. In addition, the heating product or system must be installed according to the product instructions in the owner’s manual. If the Waste Oil Heater system or product is still not performing to the customer’s satisfaction, even after a visit from an EnergyLogic service provider, then it can be returned for a refund. Please note that the customer is responsible for any previous installation charges, system or product removal, return packaging and shipping, as well as any missing or damaged parts.

*Warranty on Parts: Receive one year full warranty with purchase.  Second year full warranty requires product registration. Other terms and conditions apply.

*Warranty on Combustion Chamber:  Receive full warranty for the first 5 years.  The last 5 years will be pro-rated.