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We pride ourselves, at EnergyLogic LLC, on being a company that offers both phone and field support for all of our waste oil furnaces and HVLS and Directional Fans. If you have any sort of problem or concern please give us a call, send us an email, or fill out an inquiry form on our website. We’re here to help. We also have how-to videos that can help get you started with installation, guide you through maintenance, and answer your questions.

EnergyLogic Tech Support Number

1(800) 351-0643

How-To Videos

With this helpful video library, you can work on any EnergyLogic product yourself. Whether you’re assembling a furnace for the first time or performing scheduled maintenance, we’re here to walk you through the process of installing EnergyLogic waste oil heaters, waste oil furnaces, MacroAir Fans, and more. 

Watch our how-to videos.

Our Manuals

EnergyLogic has all of the resources and guidance you need to heat up and cool off your facility all while saving you money and time for your business.

Keep our waste oil heater, waste oil boiler, and HVLS fan manuals for future reference in your facility.


Download our waste oil heaters Manual for 75H, 140H, 200H, and 350H models to learn about safety, codes, and regulations. The waste oil heaters Manual also walks you through installation, technical guidelines, and other supports. Installing a pressure gauge kit or low fuel switch? No problem. Our detailed manual can take you through each step with graphics to guide you!


Installing a new waste oil boiler? No problem-take a look at the Boilers Manual for 200B, 375B, and 500B models. Read the entire manual in order to install, operate and maintain your new waste oil boiler. It will walk you through all of the codes, safety regulations, and installation tips for every boiler part.


Our big commercial fans manuals for Hunter, MacroAir and AMS model manuals are all available to guide you through installation, regulations, and maintenance. View our Fans Manual to install EnergyLogic fan accessories like the Touchpad Remote.


Maintenance Guides

(140H, 200H, 350H)

Regular maintenance is required to keep your EnergyLogic heater operating reliably and efficiently. For best results, purchase an EnergyLogic Heater Annual Maintenance Kit.

See pages 43–63 in the manual for maintenance guide.

Dealer Maintenance

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