Best in Class – Waste Oil Boiler Technology. Deliver the Hottest heat for radiant flooring and potable water.

EL 500B Waste Oil Boiler

BTU Input 499,000 BTU/hour (146 kW/hour)
Fuel Flow Rate 3.6 gallons/hour (13.6 liters/hour)
Water Output Temp (Max) 230º F (110º C)
Domestic Hot Water Output 1 coil: 8 gal/min at 100º F 2 coils: 16 gal/min lower (1 coil: 30 liters/min at 37.8 C 2 coils: 60 liters/min lower)
Boiler Capacity 52 gallons (200 liters)
Inlet Water Temp 140º F minimum (60º C minimum)
Exhaust Flue Diameter 10" (25.4cm)
Dimensions 45" H x 32" W x 68" D (114cm H x 82cm W x 173cm D)
Weight 1160 lbs (526.17 kg)
Removable Rear Panel


Speeds and simplifies straight through cleaning (see below).

Small Footprint

Saves space and makes installation simpler

and more flexible with unit stacking and flue options.

Accutemp Preheater


Rapidly heats the widest viscosity range of used oil, synthetic oil,

and other acceptable fuels.

Integrated Air Compressor

Built-in so you don’t have to connect to and rely on

shop air, providing 24/7 heating availability.

Metering Fuel Pump


Reliable, consistent fuel delivery regardless of fuel type

(up to 90W) with no manual adjustments.

Wet Floor Based Heat Exchanger

Water-cooled heat exchanger prevents hot spots and deterioration.

Digital Hour Meter

Tracks runtime.

[Optional] Integrated Domestic Hot Water Coil

An open-loop domestic coil can be added to run closed and open loops

simultaneously. Provides hot water for restrooms, carwash, dishwashers,

and more. Unit can operate as a stand-alone system using the hot water coil.

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