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HVLS Fans for Agriculture

Agricultural & Equestrian

Find out what an Equine Clinic manager had to say about barn ventilation and how HVLS fans maintain uniform air temperatures for horses.

People working in the agricultural industry face numerous challenges. With today’s technology, climate control doesn’t have to be one of them. Maintaining the temperature for livestock and produce farm buildings is essential. Agriculture experts need cost-effective and reliable heating and cooling solutions capable of consistent performance in one of the most demanding industries.

Waste oil heating systems and high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are one of the best additions one can make to any agricultural building. Keeping large barns, stables, storehouses, and other buildings climate-controlled doesn’t have to be costly. When you invest in waste oil heater or an HVLS fan from EnergyLogic, you can rest assured it will quickly pay for itself.

Why Choose HVLS fans?

equine fans

Anyone who works in agriculture will tell you that keeping livestock stables and other farming buildings climate-controlled is no easy task. These buildings are far too large for standard, residential-grade heating and cooling solutions. Agriculture fans need to redistribute hot and cool air as needed, and do so efficiently and consistently.

HVLS fans from EnergyLogic feature the expert construction. Direct drive motors power EnergyLogic's MacroAir HVLS fans, meaning no noisy gearboxes will be bothering your animals or making things too loud to work comfortably. Direct drive motors also allow for 50% greater continuous horsepower. Achieve optimal temperatures without the typical noise and headaches from geared industrial fans.

EnergyLogic HVLS fans include an onboard AirBrain processor enabling owners to perform diagnostics at ground level using a touch remote. AirBrain also allows you to integrate your EnergyLogic MacroAir HVLS fan into your business’s operations systems, allowing you to configure your fan to your needs.

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Waste Oil Heating for Livestock and Agriculture

Working on any type of machine produces waste oil. Proper disposal and recycling can seem like a chore, but it is imperative for anyone working with waste oil to always dispose of it properly. However, there’s another option. Why not turn your agriculture waste oil into a heat source? Stop paying to haul off your waste oil. Keeping livestock stables warm in cold weather is tremendously difficult. Heat rises, so any warm air pumped into the stables and other farm buildings invariably rises to the top, leading to poor heating and astronomical utility bills. When you use an EnergyLogic waste oil heater, you not only eliminate the need to arrange waste oil disposal, but also augment your heating system with one of the most effective and efficient heating systems available.

The newest EnergyLogic waste oil heater, the EL 75H, can heat up to 1,750 square feet using roughly .54 gallons of waste oil per hour. Every part of the 75H contributes to a turn-key solution to eliminating heating bills and waste-disposal fees. While this system affords an impressive level of heat production, EnergyLogic waste oil heaters truly shine when paired with MacroAir HVLS fan.

EnergyLogic waste oil heater

Cost of Ownership

Any businessperson will tell you that you need to spend money to make money, but an EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heater and an EnergyLogic MacroAir HVLS fan is an investment you’ll want to make once you see the cost of ownership over time.

Waste oil systems save thousands of dollars on heating bills, deliver consistent high-performance heating, and reduce the environmental impact of waste oil and heating fuel demands. Our specially-designed multi-fuel heater is built to optimize high-temperature combustion to reclaim maximum heat energy and ensure a dependably-clean burn, while minimizing ash.

HVLS fans distribute heat and cooled air more efficiently, and you could see savings on your air conditioning costs of up to 30%. Additionally, silent operation, ease of use, snap installation and the backing of a warranty make MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic the top choice among agricultural professionals.

EnergyLogic's staff is professional and will create a custom fan and/or heating solution for your unique needs.

MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic for agriculture are cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and backed by the industry’s best warranty. If you want to keep your agricultural business running smoothly and save money on your utility costs, see what EnergyLogic can do for you today.

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