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It’s far easier to learn in a comfortable climate, so educators need to ensure ineffective heating and cooling solutions aren’t distracting students and diminishing learning. When students are too hot or too cold, and distracted by noisy, inefficient fans, learning is difficult. Educators should investigate effective climate control solutions that make education spaces more comfortable and conducive to learning, without breaking the bank on utility costs.

One of the best answers to climate control in any size educational space is a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan. EnergyLogic is proud to offer the absolute best HVLS fan in the industry, manufactured with the highest quality materials and expertly designed components.

What Makes EnergyLogic HVLS Fans Special?

EnergyLogic perfected the HVLS concept with innovative design, sleek, efficient construction, and the industry’s best warranty. HVLS fans from EnergyLogic feature direct drive motors, meaning up to 50% more continuous horsepower with much quieter operation. Motors with gearboxes are notoriously noisy, and distracting fans can detract from students’ learning experience. Instead of contending with noisy, ineffective fans, why not choose one of the leading names in energy efficiency and invest in an EnergyLogic solution?

The fan blades of EnergyLogic HVLS fans are lightweight, meaning less strain on the motor. Additionally, the NASA-inspired blades have the ideal contour to move the maximum amount of air. EnergyLogic offers HVLS fans in various sizes to fit the requirements of any educational center. Everything from elementary school gymnasiums to college lecture halls can have more efficient cooling and heating with an HVLS fan from Energy Logic.

Complete Climate Control

One of the best aspects of HVLS fans from EnergyLogic is that they function as both heating and cooling aids. During warm weather, your HVLS fan will push a consistent breeze to keep education centers comfortable. When the weather turns cold, Energylogic HVLS fans can run in reverse, redistributing rising warm air back down to ground level and producing more consistent temperatures throughout the space. Not only do HVLS fans from EnergyLogic afford students and teachers more comfort, but they also drastically cut energy costs since the existing HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain optimal temperatures.

EnergyLogic also included the onboard AirBrain processor in their HVLS fans. Instead of bulky control systems, you can effortlessly configure your HVLS fan using a remote control. AirBrain even allows you to easily integrate your new HVLS fan from Energy Logic into your existing operations systems, so fitting your new HVLS fan into your HVAC system is effortless.

The best quality construction, expert installation, and configuration guidance, and the most innovative components and capabilities make Energy Logic the best choice for any educational center. Start saving money on your energy bills and provide your students with the best climate control available by reaching out to Energy Logic today.

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Cost of Ownership

Any businessperson will tell you that you need to spend money to make money, but an EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heater and an EnergyLogic  HVLS fan is an investment you’ll want to make once you see the cost of ownership over time.

Waste oil systems save thousands of dollars on heating bills, deliver consistent high-performance heating, and reduce the environmental impact of waste oil and heating fuel demands. Our specially-designed multi-fuel heater is built to optimize high-temperature combustion to reclaim maximum heat energy and ensure a dependably-clean burn, while minimizing ash.

HVLS fans distribute heat and cooled air more efficiently, and you could see savings on your air conditioning costs of up to 30%. Additionally, silent operation, ease of use, snap installation and the backing of a warranty make MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic the top choice among agricultural professionals.

EnergyLogic’s staff is professional and will create a custom fan and/or heating solution for your unique needs.

HVLS fans from EnergyLogic for agriculture are cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and backed by the industry’s best warranty. If you want to keep your agricultural business running smoothly and save money on your utility costs, see what EnergyLogic can do for you today.

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