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Big Industrial HVLS Fans

Industrial & Heavy Equipment

Don’t take our word for it – see what Coca Cola Distribution Center says about our fans in this case study.

Climate control is one of the biggest challenges facing industrial operations such as manufacturing, distribution, and vehicle assembly. Loud machinery, ambient heat, hard manual labor, heavy equipment, and storage of sensitive goods all require air circulation and climate control. EnergyLogic is proud to offer the industry leader in high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan systems. Energylogic's MacroAir HVLS systems stand apart from competitors’ fans through a history of innovation.

Expert Construction for Unbeatable Value

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Energylogic's MacroAir has a proud history of innovative design. We were the first to design an HVLS fan. They were also the first to develop a model with six blades. Energylogic's MacroAir was then the first fan manufacturer to introduce reverse operation for heating.

Unlike traditional gearbox motors, direct drive motors require far less energy to operate, reducing your utility costs. While using less energy than other brands’ fans, MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic feature NASA-inspired fan blades that move the maximum volume of air with very little strain on the motor.

In addition to the industry-leading direct drive motor and expertly crafted fan blade construction, MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic feature the onboard AirBrain processor. This allows full integration with an existing HVAC operations system via Gateway and total remote control with a touchpad. Keeping your MacroAir HVLS fan clean is a snap, too. MacroAir HVLS fans have the highest protection rating against dust. Regular maintenance and control are stress-free and accessible from ground level.


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How Do HVLS Fans Work?

As the blades of a MacroAir HVLS fan spin, the large volumes of air create a wind chill effect. This can make the indoor temperature feel up to 15 degrees cooler than it actually is, providing optimal comfort in hot working conditions. Additionally, Energylogic's MacroAir HVLS fans can run in reverse. When a room has poor air circulation, the air in the room stratifies based on temperature: warmer air rises and collects at the ceiling. By switching the fan spinning direction, the warmer air that accumulates near the ceiling circulates back down to ground level. Energylogic's MacroAir HVLS fans create more consistent temperatures in any climate.

Air circulation also helps control moisture. Warehouses need to stay clean and dry. When too much moisture accumulates, the goods stored in the warehouse are at risk. Depending on what type of products you’re storing, this could equate to a massive loss. Additionally, poor climate control could cause some companies with industry regulations to fall out of compliance. This can lead to costly fines, or even shuttering your doors.

At EnergyLogic, we want our customers to be able to depend on our MacroAir HVLS fans for years to come. We’ll even honor the full warranty if you choose to install your HVLS fan yourself. EnergyLogic is ready to serve all our customers’ climate control needs, so let us know what we can do for you today.

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