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HVLS Fans for Fitness Centers

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Check out this case study for the gymnastics center of Chattanooga where, before installing our HVLS fan, the temperature was never below a stifling 85 degrees.

Fitness centers are a part of everyday life for many Americans. It’s important for fitness center owners to ensure their facilities are cool and comfortable for exercising patrons. It’s also vital to recognize the role climate control plays in keeping indoor sports arenas, specialty gyms, and fitness centers healthy and free from disease. If you haven’t already investigated what a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan can do for your climate control needs, it’s time to look into Energylogic's HVLS fans.

We want to ensure businesses meet all their industry regulations, and fitness centers benefit greatly from efficient climate control and meeting health and safety compliance demands. At EnergyLogic, we stay in compliance with our own industry’s regulations.


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Undeniably Great Cost of Ownership

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Energylogic's MacroAir HVLS fans feature the most innovative design, best functionality, and outstanding long-term cost of ownership. Whenever you purchase something like a HVLS fan, you must consider the operational cost over time as well as the upfront purchase price. HVLS fans from EnergyLogic are available at competitive prices and include direct drive motors. Unlike standard gearbox motors, the direct drive motors in MacroAir HVLS fans produce 50% more consistent horsepower with far less strain on the motor. Direct drive motors are also far less noisy than geared motors, meaning fitness center patrons can enjoy their workouts without any annoying din from your fans. The lightweight, NASA-inspired fan blade construction affords optimal air movement with as little strain on the motor as possible. Every part of a MacroAir HVLS fan from EnergyLogic has been fine-tuned to provide outstanding performance.

The Gym Doesn’t Have to Smell Like a Gym

Since most people in fitness centers, indoor sports arenas, and specialty gyms are already working up sweats, cooling is usually the top priority for business owners. It’s important to keep the air inside the building circulating properly. Not only does this help keep patrons comfortable, but it also keeps them healthy. The smell of a gym full of sweaty people can leave patrons uninterested in returning, and stagnant air and moisture create a breeding ground for disease. HVLS fans move large quantities of air with very little force. Direct drive motors provide unrivaled consistency, so MacroAir HVLS fans from EnergyLogic are ready for long-term, consistent use. The HVLS fan will provide a consistent breeze throughout your facility and help circulate freshly conditioned air from your HVAC system. Prevent moisture accumulation and disease by keeping your fitness center air well-circulated and comfortable.

The MacroAir AirBrain onboard processor also allows you to remotely control your HVLS fan using a touchpad remote, and you can also integrate your HVLS fan into your existing HVAC system. A MacroAir HVLS fan from EnergyLogic is the perfect addition to any existing fitness center HVAC system, so let us know what else an HVLS fan solution from EnergyLogic can do for you today.

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