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Automotive HVLS Fans and Waste Oil Heaters

Automotive & Fleet Management

Learn how this large auto showroom saved $1,800 a month on utilities using our HVLS fans to fight the warm, humid Louisiana days without relying on an inadequate HVAC system.

Americans rely on the automotive industry to produce efficient vehicles and keep them running smoothly. People working in the automotive industry have to contend with some of the toughest working conditions, including noisy equipment and extreme temperatures. It’s vital for those working in automotive fields to have efficient, reliable heating and cooling systems.

Waste Oil Heater from EnergyLogic

EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heater

Many automotive repair and maintenance shops accumulate large quantities of waste oil. It’s crucial to properly dispose of this waste oil so it doesn’t damage the environment or the health of people nearby. However, the cost of arranging waste oil recycling is an extra expense automotive employees can avoid by investing in an EnergyLogic waste oil heater.

Our waste oil heaters turn discarded machine oils into a valuable fuel source that can help keep garages and repair shops comfortable in even the toughest weather. Mechanics have a tough enough job already – they shouldn’t have to contend with stiff, frozen fingers and poor climate control. Enjoy more heat with fewer hassles by installing an EnergyLogic waste oil heater and enjoy the savings on your energy costs.

EnergyLogic designed waste oil heaters with efficiency and cost of ownership in mind. We know how demanding the automotive industry is, so we wanted to create the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly heating solutions on the market. The combustion technology of EnergyLogic waste oil heaters is second to none, and the flame is so hot it completely incinerates most impurities. Other waste oil heaters typically require serious maintenance on a regular basis, with lots of ash to clean thanks to inefficient burning. If you want the most efficient and powerful waste oil heater on the market, the only choice is EnergyLogic solutions.

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HVLS Fans for Automotive Buildings

One of the best ways to capitalize on the savings and utility provided by EnergyLogic waste oil heaters is to pair them with our MacroAir high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. EnergyLogic's MacroAir fan developed the first direct drive HVLS fan that can run in reverse, so you can send the rising warmed air from your EnergyLogic waste oil heater back down to ground level for even more effective heating.

HVLS fans are also extremely effective at keeping spaces cool. Thanks to the expertly crafted direct drive motors and onboard AirBrain processors in MacroAir HVLS fans, you can enjoy cost-effective air distribution with remote control. Access your HVLS fan from ground level to perform diagnostics, and you can even integrate your MacroAir HVLS fan into your operations systems for complete autonomous operation.

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