Best in Class – Waste Oil Boiler Technology. Deliver the Hottest heat for radiant flooring and potable water.

EL 200H Waste Oil Heater

Capacity Heats up to 5,000 square feet approximately four to eight service bays
BTU Input 200,000 BTU (58.3 kW) per hour
Fuel Flow Rate 1.4 gallons/hour (5.3 liters/hour)
Heat Rise Over Input Air 100-120ºF (37.8-48.9º C)
Airflow 1500 cfm
Exhaust Flue Diameter 6” or 8”
Dimensions 18”H x 18”W x 103”L
Weight 315 lbs
Key Feature Waste Oil Heater
Stanless Steel Heat Exchanger

Exclusive - Designed to prevent corrosion, warping, and weld breakage.

Built to last decades, not years. Open design for easy cleaning. 

Digital Hour Meter

Tracks runtime

Accutemp Preheater

Patented - Rapidly heats the widest range of viscosities of used oil,

synthetic oils, and other acceptable fuels.

Integrated Air Compressor

Built-in so you don’t have to connect to and rely on shop air.

Providing 24/7 heating availability.

Side Suction Metering
Fuel Pump

Patented - Reliable, consistent fuel delivery regardless of fuel type

(up to 90W) with no manual adjustments.

Low Fuel Cut Off

Exclusive -

*Included with fuel delivery kits, complete systems, and with heater only.

Elevated Fuel Pick Up


1. Pump can be mounted at the fuel source—instead of on top of the tank

—so the pump is flooded with used oil, not air!

2. Fuel pick-up is six inches above the bottom of the tank,

above water and sludge, ensuring only used oil is sent to the furnace.

3. Easy spin-on stainless mesh filter.

Flame Retention Head

Patented - This patented design creates a hotter flame than competitor brands for complete

fuel combustion and the highest heat output. Less ash is produced resulting in longer

maintenance intervals than competitor brands.

Swing Away Burner

This convenient combination makes cleaning the chamber faster

and easier than any other brand. One tool, 30 minutes or less.

Fuel Guage

Visual indicator of how much used oil is in your tank.

Drain Valve

Makes it simple to purge water or other contaminants

that naturally settle in the bottom of the tank.

Class A Flue Kit

Stainless steel interior, double-wall fl ue kits are UL-listed and meet local codes.

*Standard for a complete system or sold separately.

Minimum Ceiling Height

*Minimum 12ft ceiling height for a tank-mounted heater.

*Wall mount brackets available.

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