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EnergyLogic Accessories

We offer a wide range of options for custom configurations, more than any other provider.

Waste Oil Heaters

Get all of the waste oil heater accessories you need for easy installation and monitoring. 

  • Free up space in your facility by using our furnace wall brackets. The brackets are strong enough to support the waste oil furnace and compact enough to keep the unit out of your way. 
  • Shut out fuel contaminants with an EnergyLogic Low Fuel Cut-off Switch. Our low-fuel switch is designed to stop the operation of your waste oil heater to prevent unwanted air and other contaminants from making their way into the fuel system. 


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EnergyLogic provides you with all of the accessories you need for your waste oil boilers.

  • The air compressor silencer allows for extremely quiet functionality and reduces the noise of the air compressor by 6dB! The air compressor silencer is easy to install and fits in a kit with all of the parts you need.
  • Our boiler brushes are custom designed to fit our boiler systems–boiler brushes clean away ash from the boiler tubes.
  • EnergyLogic also offers a remote pressure gauge kit designed to monitor the fuel pump on the waste oil boiler even if the fuel pump is hard to see. The pressure gauge kit is to be installed below the preheater to monitor the system pressure.

Explore oil storage tank accessories designed specifically for waste oil heating systems.

  • Check out our tank emergency vent–keeping your facility safe and up to code requirements. Install the waste oil furnace emergency vent above ground to help prevent combustion if ever exposed to flame.
  • Purchase a waste oil heater oil drain pan to filter the fuel before going into the waste oil tanks. The screen will filter out any unwanted particles.


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EnergyLogic’s HVLS fan accessories allow you to customize and personalize your big fan solution with ease.

  • Our HVLS fan controller has a digital touchpad that offers optical functionality. Control your big commercial fans with the fan controller that has visual and audible feedback. EnergyLogic’s Fan Controller not only turns your fan on and off but also reverses blade directions to circulate airflow in the opposite direction.
  • Match our big fans to your brand by choosing from hundreds of custom colors.


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