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Many automotive shops, transportation businesses, heavy-equipment industries, and agricultural farms do not take advantage of leftover waste oil’s hidden value as fuel. At EnergyLogic, our job is to connect clients with cost-effective, energy-efficient waste oil heaters, boilers, and HVLS fans. Some businesses want to adopt energy efficiency programs to meet sustainability goals. Others need a cost-effective comfort solution for challenging environments notorious for losing heat. Regardless of the application, our team takes on all types of projects to deliver custom solutions and help clients reach their goals.

Get to know our approach to waste oil heating applications and comfort solutions, and you’ll quickly see why EnergyLogic is a leader in the field of energy recovery. We’re focused on client outcomes – including lowering energy costs, improving comfort levels, and increasing productivity.

Experience to Drive Technical and Innovative Applications

EnergyLogic has been in the industry for 30 years. During that time, we’ve played a competitive role in moving the technology within waste oil heating systems forward. Clients call us from all over the world to find out if our products will suit their environments. Our engineers and designers take every application as an opportunity to improve on current designs. Real-world experience drives every advancement we make. Over the years, the projects we’ve accepted have allowed us to develop the most comprehensive waste oil heating system and customer service capabilities available.

A Focus on Sustainability

Our waste oil heaters and boilers enable businesses to manage their energy usage and waste responsibly.  Instead of paying to transfer used oil offsite, our clients recover the energy on site as heating fuel. 

This reduces the usage of other energy sources and mitigates the risk of harmful oil spills.The EnergyLogic systems we sell today burn oil at a remarkably high temperature, which renders most  impurities inert. A high-efficiency burning system not only protects the environment from unwanted emissions, but it also simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process.

An Unrivaled Customer-Centric Approach

Watch our videos, read through our application case studies, or better yet, contact us. We provide tailored solutions in real-world environments every day. Our clients rely on us to answer technical questions, provide innovative custom designs, and deliver unparalleled customer service during and after installation. From modifying systems, to improving fuel transfer, to customizing burners to handling oils with varying fuel profiles, our specialists are willing to do what it takes to make your system work for you. We offer warranties and satisfaction guarantees to back our promise of customer support.

A Full Range of Systems and Accessories

Our customer experience and commitment to sustainability are not the only differentiators that set our brand apart. We not only offer heating systems in a variety of baseline configurations and output capabilities, EnergyLogic also carries a selection of HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans that beat competitors in performance, maintenance, energy efficiency, and warranty terms.  When combined with a heating system, the fans improve air movement for better year-round comfort and temperature control.

HVLS fans specifically enhance environmental heat destratification, dehumidification, and temperature equalization. Secondary benefits include better comfort levels, increased job satisfaction, productivity, and  improved indoor air quality.

Partner With EnergyLogic and Recover the Energy in Your Waste Oil

EnergyLogic clients already produce waste oil during daily business activities. Why not use the fuel to eliminate HVAC costs and remove waste in one fell swoop? If our customers’ stories and technical applications resonate with you, consider reaching out to one of our representatives to learn more about energy efficiency incentives, the purchasing process, and installation.

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