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AirFocus – Overhead Fan

AirFocus - Overhead Fan
Diameter 59 Inches (1.5m)
Electrical 115-1P VAC (optional 230-1P VAC)
Output 43,000 CFM (1,360 m3/min)
Weight 134 lbs. (60.8 kg)
Controls AirFocus VS: Variable Speed VFD, IP-66 Enclosure, AirFocus SS: Single Speed
Motor 1.5 HP, Inverter motor, Class F Insulation, TEFC Industry Duty, IP-55, UL
Noise Level 43.4 DB (20′ from fan on axis)

Destratification: Fans for Heating and Cooling

Destratification (or thermal destratification) redistributes the heat that rises and becomes lodged in the highest parts of a room, creating equal heat distribution in a space.

Taking advantage of destratification can lead to significant energy savings, especially in colder months.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are the most innovative and economical means of achieving destratification. They’re expertly designed to maintain slow speeds while creating high volume air movement with little draft. Their long blades give them the unique capacity to circulate and mix higher volumes of air, increasing thermal redistribution.

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