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Burn more fuels with energylogic waste oil heaters

Energylogic is dedicated to ensuring that your Energylogic products, such as your waste oil furnace, waste oil heater, or waste oil burner, function at full efficiency, which is why we have provided our customers with informative step-by-step video guides for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting below.

With this helpful video library, you can work on any EnergyLogic product yourself. Whether you’re assembling a furnace for the first time or performing scheduled maintenance, we’re here to walk you through the process with installing EnergyLogic waste oil heaters, waste oil furnaces, MacroAir Fans, and more.

Download our waste oil heaters Manual for 140H, 200H, and 350H models to learn about safety, codes and regulations. The waste oil heaters Manual also walks you through installation, technical guidelines, and other supports. Installing the pressure gauge kit or low fuel switch? No problem. Our detailed manual can take you through each step with graphics to guide you!

Waste oil heaters are a valuable resource, whether it’s used crankcase oil, ATF or hydraulic oils, which is why we take pride in our high-quality and economical products. With our cutting-edge technology, customers generate a solid return-on-investment in addition to helping the environment. As shown in our “How To” videos below, Energylogic’s advanced line of the next-generation waste oil furnace is efficient and easy to install, maintain, and troubleshoot from your home installation.

Waste oil complete system

EnergyLogic leads the way with our clear policies on sustainable liquid recycling.

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Waste oil boiler

Pushing the limits of technology and building innovative and reliable products is what makes Energylogic the leader in the industry. We started from scratch to engineer the only waste oil boiler made specifically for waste oil. Our waste oil boiler is an ASME-certified true-vessel made of heavy carbon steel. Our wet-floor based heater exchanger is entirely surrounded by water. Our technique and design prevent the hot-spots that contribute to premature failure.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your Energylogic LLC products. Protect your investment by learning how to install, perform regular maintenance, and troubleshoot yourself. Keep our waste oil heater,  waste oil boiler, and HVLS fan manuals for future reference in your facility. For additional maintenance information, refer to your operation and maintenance manual or visit EnergyLogic.com/Support.

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