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Dealers Around the Globe

EnergyLogic sells, installs and services products through our extensive dealer network in markets throughout the world. From North America and South America to Russia, we design custom installations and solutions, providing long-term service in every location where one of our units is operating. We’re proud of our waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers and HVLS ceiling fans, and are committed to the comfort and productivity of our customers around the world!

No matter where you live or work, our dealers are experts in the local codes and regulations that govern waste oil. You can count on our products to be up-to-code, functioning efficiently, and delivering exceptional results. Our team of experts understands that each solution is unique to your facility, and you’ll need individual guidance in installing, operating, and maintaining your EnergyLogic products. That’s why we’ve created a resource to assist with installation and maintenance of our equipment: http://energylogic.com/how-tos/

Get warmer faster with our waste oil heating systems, and enjoy comfort with cost-saving with our big, HVLS ceiling fans. Whether your operation is local or global, contact us today for a custom solution!

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