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SKU: 05000150

Crew Gravity-Feed Tank Assembly

Combine multi-unit capacity with the efficiency of gravity-feed for the ultimate in large-facility comfort.

EnergyLogic’s Crew Gravity Feed System allows the user to operate up to 4 heaters or boilers by supplying fuel from a smaller inside tank. The system has many features like that of the Multi-Unit GFS while providing a lower cost option for systems with 2-4 units. The system is equipped with a display interface that provides feedback on the status of the system. A 2 Gallon Day Tank mounts on the wall and is fed by a 10 GPH transfer pump from the main supply tank. Fuel is fed by gravity from the Day Tank to the individual metering pumps for each furnace or boiler. The fuel level in the Day Tank is monitored by 2 float switches that will call for more fuel to be pumped from the main tank whenever it senses that it is low. If the amount of fuel in the Day Tank ever gets too low, the furnaces/boilers will be cut off to prevent running the system dry and allowing air to get into the fuel lines. Kit includes: Display, 2 gal. tank, low fuel switch for main tank, cleanable filter, boxes for quick connections to the display, 25′ & 50′ cat5 cables and 10 GPH transfer pump.