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Save Money Today by Burning Your Waste Oil

How can burning waste oil save me money?

✅ The drop in demand for oil has resulted in many businesses having to pay to remove waste oil.
✅ An alternative to paying for waste oil disposal is to install a waste oil heater.
✅ EnergyLogic waste oil heaters are made from stainless steel.
✅ EnergyLogic waste oil heaters can burn a wide range of fuels between 5 to 90 weights.
✅ EnergyLogic waste oil heaters are the simplest heaters to use and maintain on the market.

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As global oil demand dwindles, oil prices are dropping to new, consistent lows. Many believe that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. As we take the initiative to move away from fossil fuels, experts see this momentum as the beginning of a new era that will reshape how we think about energy strategy.

Alternatives to Waste Oil Disposal

With oil prices estimated to remain low, many businesses have returned to paying to remove used oil. However, this isn’t the only option when it comes to addressing waste oil. Waste oil heaters provide the opportunity to take advantage of waste oil by recovering it as an energy source. It doesn’t make financial sense to pay someone to discard oil when you can use it as free fuel for heating while offsetting other heating costs.

Waste oil is more valuable than you may expect. Oils are only worth approximately five cents per gallon when hauled. However, when used in the energy reclamation process built into EnergyLogic heaters and boilers, it may be worth close to a dollar or more. With the right waste oil heater, you can burn used oil you already have, fast and for free.

Although prices for waste disposal services vary, they can be expensive and unnecessary. Investing in an efficient waste oil heater is extremely cost-effective. When searching for the right waste oil heater, remember that EnergyLogic has everything you need. EnergyLogic produces heaters that are engineered for total combustion, with more than double the heat rise compared to leading competitors. Moreover, because it burns so efficiently, it requires less overall maintenance. Its unique design enables easy cleaning with a convenient swing-away burner and ash removal system. EnergyLogic has designed the simplest heaters to use and maintain on the market.

Why EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heaters?

One reason why these heaters are so incredibly efficient is due to their construction. Instead of being made from carbon steel like most other heaters, EnergyLogic heaters are made with smart technology stainless steel. Stainless steel is unparalleled for its effectiveness as a heat conductor. It can withstand high temperatures, making it highly efficient at burning oil and other contaminants that would otherwise lead to corrosion. Its superior design gives EnergyLogic heaters the longest shelf life on the market, not to mention the highest marks for reliability and sustainability.

These heaters save money because they perform so efficiently and limiti the need for other heating sources. There’s no extra cost to burn new oil. You’re simply utilizing the resources that you already have, which can recoup the initial cost of a waste oil heater surprisingly quickly:

“It’s not unusual for our EnergyLogic heaters and boilers to pay for themselves in as little as a year—an impressive return on an already wise investment.”

Special air compressor devices attached to the heater mean owners no longer have to depend on external air support. Instead, they produce the air you need when you need it, thus reducing excess waste and allowing safe operation overnight. Additionally, EnergyLogic heaters burn more types of oil than standard heaters, running on fuels between 5 to 90 weights without sacrificing efficiency. This is excellent news for those working in shops that consistently produce this free fuel. Recycling that waste oil with the right heater adds up to significant cash! For more waste oil features and benefits, see Everything You Need to Know About EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heaters.

Start Saving Now

Looking for another reason to invest in your own waste oil heater? Aside from being extremely cost-effective, it also produces clean, recycled energy. Burning used oil reduces the amount of non-renewable energy resources that would otherwise be consumed to heat the same area. Additionally, it reduces the hazardous risks associated with transferring oil from one location to another.

Ultimately, waste oil heaters are a fantastic alternative to traditional oil removal methods. They can save significant time, energy, and money.

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