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Waste oil global installs pallinsburn house

Waste Oil Global Installs: Pallinsburn House

EnergyLogic is proud to feature several waste oil global installs of our patented Waste Oil products in unique locations around the world.  The fourth in the series is the Pallinsburn House.  If ever you are in Ford, Northumberland, don’t miss a visit to this stunning beauty. Built in 1763 in the classic Jacobean style, the Pallinsburn House is currently a Grade II listed building, meaning a particularly important building of more than just special interest. It is a landmark and historical preserve that serves as a popular tourist destination.


History of the House

The original house was built for John Askew, the High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1776. The Askew family lived in the stunning, three-story house until Major Charles Mitchell purchased it in 1911. Mitchell and his wife, Jane Lyell, undertook major improvements and alterations during their ownership of the house, including removing the third story of the original central block.

In 2004, the house sold for £6.5 million, along with 1,500 surrounding acres. In 2005, the contents of the home went to auction, selling for a total of more than £84,000. The auction was the biggest of its kind in more than 20 years in the region. The treasures auctioned off from inside the home included a historic silver teapot, George III Pembroke table, Ziegler carpet, Edwardian rocking horse, and an inscribed copy of The Life of Johnson.


The Pallinsburn House Today

Currently, the Pallinsburn house boasts dozens of horses in its stables, and hosts equine-related camps and events on its 1,500 acres. Tourists can visit the house, which is now a historic landmark, and spend the day lounging on its gorgeous green grass lawn or watch the horses jump obstacles in the stable area.

The house operates at optimal fuel efficiency thanks to EnergyLogic’s 375B waste oil boiler. The owners of the house can now heat the large home’s water supply rapidly and with as small a carbon footprint as possible. The boiler also provides maximum safety to the house, with a low water cut off, pressure relief valve, and high temperature limit.


Waste Oil Global Installs

This post is part of a blog series of featured installations by EnergyLogic around the globe.








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