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Waste Oil Global Installs: Talbot House Farm and Kennel

EnergyLogic is proud to feature several waste oil global installs of our patented Waste Oil products in unique locations around the world.  The second in the series is the Talbot House Farm and Kennel, home to many true animal enthusiasts. Located in the rolling countryside of Worthington, Standish, the Talbot House offers calm and comfortable accommodations for clients’ beloved cats and dogs. The cattery gives cats a quiet and completely safe environment, while dogs enjoy clean and cozy kennels in a separate location. Talbot House also offers professional grooming services during every pet’s stay.

A Safe Space for Pets to Stay

Boarding a pet is never easy. Pets may feel anxious about being away from home and separated from beloved owners. Clients often worry about their pets’ health and happiness during their stay. Yet sometimes it’s necessary to board a cat or dog while on vacation or business trips. Luckily, the Talbot House Farm and Kennel offers a blissful, completely safe location for cats and dogs alike.

Cuddles in the Cattery

At the Talbot House cattery, an animal-loving staff gives cats plenty of love, affection, and human interaction. Staff members offer plenty of cuddles and scratches in all the right places. Trained and educated caregivers will give you peace of mind during your cat’s stay, even if he or she needs special treatment or care.

Kisses in the Kennels

As for boarding dogs, there is no better place for man’s best friend in Wigan than the kennels at the Talbot House Farm. Kennels are completely secure and ultra comfortable for your furry friend. Kennels boast individually heated sleeping areas, vet-approved bedding, weatherproof covers, and 100 acres of private land to release energy. A dedicated doggy play area and loving staff make sure dogs have the time of their lives.

Keeping Pets Comfortable in All Types of Weather

Thanks to EnergyLogic’s 140H waste oil heater, Talbot House Farm and Kennel can keep clients’ pets cozy all through winter. Just one heater provides warmth for up to 3,500 square feet! That’s room for a lot of cats and dogs. The heater also gives the Talbot House efficient fuel burning, excellent energy savings, and warmth produced twice as fast as heaters from competitors.

Waste Oil Global Installs

This post is part of a blog series of featured installations by EnergyLogic around the globe.


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