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Most mechanics work in open-air shop environments, meaning their winter months are usually quite chilly. Work doesn’t stop because the sunny weather does, but numb hands don’t help get the job done either. Don’t fret yet – here are 10 things you can do to stay warm at work this winter.

Bundle Up. The simplest solution to fight the cold is wearing layers. Flannel, silk underwear (preferably long underwear to cover more area), wool socks, jacket, gloves (waterproof with grippers), and scarves are all cold weather must-haves. A bonus to layering is you can always strip layers if you start feeling too warm.

Use hand and toe warmers. Slip them into your gloves or boots to warm up chilled hands and feet quickly and keep them warm. Warmers can last anywhere from six to 12 hours, depending on the brand and usage.

Keep your head, ears, and neck warm. Exposed skin is frozen skin when working in the cold, so keep exposed areas warm by wearing hats, beanies, scarves, and earmuffs. These will protect you from the winter nip and keep warmth from escaping your body as quickly. And remember your layers – you can wear a beanie and a hat, and several scarves if temperatures dip too low.

Don’t stop moving. It may seem obvious, but an important key to staying warm is moving your body. Moving produces heat and keeps you warm. Try not to take long sedentary breaks, and don’t shy away from quick spurts of exercises, like jumping jacks or jogging in place. The more you move, the warmer you will be – and if things get too toasty, you can always remove a layer or two.

Buy insulated boots. There aren’t many situations more uncomfortable than numb feet from the cold. While toe warmers and wool socks help, a good pair of insulated boots is invaluable in the winter. Make sure they are waterproof too, especially if you will be working in snowy regions. Your feet will thank you, and you will be staying dry in addition to keeping warm.

Use proper gloves. You may be thinking that the thicker the glove the better, right? Not necessarily! A better option is neoprene, which is a synthetic polymer material. Neoprene is rubber-like and provides a layer of insulation to keep you warm. With the added benefits of being waterproof and thin, you will keep your hands dry and be able to work more easily with them.

Stick to warm beverages. Sipping hot tea or coffee can keep you feeling cozy. While not substantial enough on its own, a warm beverage can help take the edge off the cold.

Buy an Ozark Trail or Yeti mug. You may be wondering how you will keep your beverages warm – if you’re cold, surely the temperature of your coffee is, too. Try using an Ozark Trail or Yeti mug to keep your drinks at the proper temperature. These travel mugs are vacuum-sealed and insulated to keep drinks hot or cold, regardless of the weather.

Invest in a pair of coveralls. A pair of insulated coveralls will beat the chill. If you don’t have coveralls, tucking your shirt in so cold air can’t creep under your clothes is a close alternative.

Consider waste oil heaters and boilers. While layers, hot tea, warmers, and boots are all winter essentials for beating the cold, nothing beats a good waste oil heater or waste oil boiler. These provide warmth for your workspace, and heat the area quickly. Waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers burn oils efficiently, creating a hot flame that incinerates most impurities, meaning less ash is left behind for a quicker cleanup.

You’re all set for war against the cold! Armed with a space heater, such as a waste oil heater or waste oil boiler, and some personal essentials like coveralls and insulated boots, the winter weather can’t bring you down.

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