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Waste oil global installs adcote school

Waste Oil Global Installs: Adcote School and Manor

EnergyLogic is proud to feature several waste oil global installs of our patented Waste Oil products in unique locations around the world.  The fifth in the series is the Adcote School – driving up to the manor feels like stepping back in time. The impressive building dates back to Saxon times, with its original name “Addancot” meaning “the cottage of Adda.” This medieval settlement formed part of the manor of Little Ness during Norman Conquest times.


From Cottage to School

Famous architect Norman Shaw designed the manor in a Tudor design, a classic country style. The house features a Great Hall, Minstrels’ Gallery, stained glass windows by Morris & Co., tall chimneys, and pointed gables. Queen Mary was a regular visitor to the Adcote Manor during Mrs. Darby’s lifetime in the house.

In 1603, King James I granted the manor to the Howard family, who then sold it to the Cravens. In the early 18th century, Clive of India reunited Adcote, who purchased land from Baschurch to Little Ness. In 1850, Clive’s great grandson sold the land. In 1868, it fell into the hands of Rebecca Darby.

In 1907, a Mrs. Amy Gough founded the Adcote School, with just two day pupils and five boarders. After two years, the student body grew to 31 pupils. Over the years following, Adcote Manor and School grew to include a second boarding house, the Old Girls Association, classrooms where the stables once stood, and a building called “The Mount” to accommodate more children.


Adcote School Today

The Adcote Educational Trust began in 1964, and today a board of governors administers the school. The school continues to thrive today, thanks in part to the energy efficient appliances it uses from EnergyLogic. Applications from EL help old properties like the beautiful Adcote Manor and School stay in operation. The EL 140H waste oil heater helps Adcote keep its fuel costs low and its carbon footprint almost nonexistent. Built to last decades, the administration at Adcote won’t have to worry about providing hot water to its students for a long time.


Waste Oil Global Installs

This post is part of a blog series of featured installations by EnergyLogic around the globe.






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