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Waste Oil Global Installs: Adcote School and Manor

What is Adcote School and Manor and how does EnergyLogic help reduce fuel and heating costs?

✅ Adcote School is an award-winning day and boarding school for girls aged 7 to 18.
✅ The main school house and outbuildings were built in England in the 1870s, and have since been converted into dormitories and classrooms.
✅ EnergyLogic installed an energy-efficient EL 140H waste-oil heater on the manor grounds.
✅ The waste-oil heater keeps fuel costs low and Adcote’s carbon footprint almost nonexistent.
✅ Energy efficient appliances from EnergyLogic can help older properties stay in operation for decades to come.

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EnergyLogic is proud to have installed our patented waste-oil heaters and boilers in unique locations around the world. Most of our global installs are completed in buildings designated as historical landmarks or buildings of importance that people want to preserve. Often, our global customers are looking for a heating and energy solution with a low carbon footprint and without the exorbitant costs often associated with aging buildings. 

The first in our Global Installs Series is Adcote School. Set in the heart of the English countryside, Adcote School is an award-winning day and boarding school for girls aged 7 to 18 dating back to the 1870’s.

The Early Days of Adcote School

Adcote School was founded by the pioneering Amy Goughon in 1907 on the 18th of January with just 2 day pupils and 5 boarders. At that time, the school was located in the village of Doseley, near Wellington, England. Over the next 20 years, the school continued to grow, necessitating the purchase of a bigger building.

From Cottage to School

In 1927, a private company was formed to purchase Adcote House in Little Ness as the new home for the girls school. The impressive structure of Adcote House was designed by the famous architect Richard Norman Shaw, RA. Built between 1876 and 1881 from local sandstone, the Tudor style home featured tall chimneys and pointed gables. 

Converting the cottage to a school required transforming the spacious bedrooms upstairs into dormitories for the boarders. In later years, the original stables, coach houses and other outbuildings were converted into classrooms, science laboratories, and a Junior School.

Adcote School Today

Today, Adcote is an award winning school, with over 180 pupils, that regularly receives accolades for its high standards, academic excellence, and innovation. Part of that success comes from keeping its Grade I listed buildings modernised and comfortable for its pupils and staff.

EnergyLogic is proud to have helped with that modernisation by installing an EL 140H waste oil heater on the grounds. Like Adcote, EnergyLogic’s waste oil heater’s stainless steel heat exchanger is built to last decades, not years. Our patented designs prevent corrosion, warping, and weld breakage. Additionally, the flame retention head on our waste oil heaters are also designed to create a hotter flame than competitor brands, allowing for complete fuel combustion and the highest heat output.

Moreover, the EL 140H waste oil heater helps Adcote keep its fuel costs low and its carbon footprint almost nonexistent. Built to last decades, the administration at Adcote won’t have to worry about providing hot water to its students for a long time.

Energy efficient appliances from EnergyLogic help old properties like the beautiful Adcote Manor and School stay in operation. 

Waste Oil Global Installs

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