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What is the complete system by EnergyLogic?

The EnergyLogic Complete System offers an all-in-one solution for waste-oil combustion heating making it easy to start recycling waste oil and save on heating costs.
The complete system includes:
✅ Waste-oil furnace and tank,
✅ Side-suction metering pump,
✅ AccuTemp preheater,
✅ Built-in onboard air compressor,
✅ Swing-away burner for easy maintenance,
✅ Class-A flue material to connect your system to a chimney.
The complete system comes with detailed instructions and simple parts, and it can be installed by yourself in a few hours or by a trusted, factory-certified specialist.

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If you want the energy, fuel efficiency, and cost benefits of harnessing waste-oil combustion without any roadblocks, you need the EnergyLogic Complete System. The EnergyLogic Complete System is an all-in-one heating solution that brings waste-oil combustion to optimum performance and effectiveness.

We’ve made waste-oil combustion heating simple, giving you virtually everything you need for your system and more. From pre-cut, pre-flared copper lines for ultra-simple plug-and-play installation, to a class-A flue kit for perfect exhaust, we’ve thought of everything. It’s never been so easy to start recycling waste oil and saving on heating costs.

What Comes with the EnergyLogic Complete System?

The EnergyLogic Complete System is just that – a waste-oil combustion heater with all the components and accessories needed for the complete installation. Our goal is to facilitate total ease of installation, from start to finish. 

  • The complete system includes:
    • Waste-oil furnace and tank, 
    • AccuTemp preheater, 
    • Side-suction metering pump, 
    • Built-in onboard air compressor, 
    • Swing-away burner for easy maintenance a
    • Class-A flue material to connect your system to a chimney.

The AccuTemp preheater heats a wide range of oils quickly and efficiently, while the metering pump measures and delivers exact amounts of fuel consistently. 

  • The total package also comes with:
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger. Stainless steel has many benefits over other materials. It resists rust and corrosion and extends the life of the system.
    • Digital hour meter. This digital meter tracks the furnace’s runtime so you don’t have to. Tracking runtime helps you gauge usage, output, and maintenance.
    • Low-fuel cutoff. This switch lets you turn the furnace off before it runs out of fuel. This can help prevent unexpected shutdowns, unnecessary and time-consuming troubleshooting, and the need to re-prime your system.
    • Elevated fuel pickup. In the EnergyLogic tank, fuel pickup sits six inches above the bottom of the tank. This places it above water and waste, ensuring that only oil goes to the furnace.
    • Drain valve. The drain valve makes it easy to release and get rid of water and contaminants that naturally settle to the bottom of your tank.
    • Class-A chimney flue kit. We give you everything you need for an optimal chimney flue – all stainless steel with double-wall flues.
    • Fuel gauge. Track your fuel level easily with a clear visual indicator of how much oil is left in the tank. Refill before your fuel drops low enough to interfere with performance.
    • Flame retention head. Our patented flame retention head generates a hotter flame than the competitors’ do. This guarantees complete fuel combustion and ultra-high heat output, along with less ash and lower maintenance intervals.

The complete system is easy to install, with detailed instructions and simple parts to piece together. The entire installation takes just a few hours. If you don’t want to install it yourself, we’ll send out a trusted, factory-certified specialist near you to complete the job. 

Once installed, the system is even easier to use. There are no manual adjustments required, leaving you to relax and enjoy your comfortable shop while you get on with your work.

Why Choose EnergyLogic?

EnergyLogic is a leading provider of waste-oil combustion products and accessories. Our complete waste-oil systems save thousands of dollars on heating bills, deliver consistent high-performance heating, and reduce the environmental impact of waste oil and heating fuel demands

EnergyLogic is committed to providing high-quality products, innovative solutions, and complete customer satisfaction. Customers come to EnergyLogic because they know they will receive superb quality waste-oil combustion products, all backed by a knowledgeable support team and our money-back guarantee – the first and only of its kind in the industry

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The Complete System makes switching to waste-oil heating easy. We have variously sized EnergyLogic complete systems for you to choose from, depending on your heating needs. We have a system to suit a variety of fuel storage and heating needs. 

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