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Case Study: Matching Marathon Music Works With the Right High-Efficiency Energy Tech

What Challenges were presented by Marathon Music Works to create a successful event?

Marathon Music Works, an event venue in Nashville, TN, approached EnergyLogic to find a solution to its current heating and cooling system challenges.
Challenge One: Marathon Music Works needed an efficient heating and cooling system that could cope with an intimate event in the morning and a high occupancy concert in the evening.
Challenge Two: Marathon Music Works needed an easy way to adjust heating and cooling demands hour by hour.

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The Client:

Marathon Music Works, an event venue in Nashville, TN, regularly hosts large events in its airy event space. While the venue does not have much need for waste oil burning systems at the moment, we were able to optimize its current heating and cooling system using our state-of-the-art fan and control systems. Consider the customer challenges and solutions we provide outside of our typical customer profile.

Challenge One: Provide Efficient Heating and Cooling Based on Changing Event Space Dynamics

Marathon Music Works came to us with a specific request in mind. The occupancy rate within the event space swings dramatically.  It holds both high occupancy concerts and intimate events. The versatile use of space calls for efficient heating and cooling capable of responding quickly to the different needs of the guests. Luckily, EnergyLogic offers one of the best energy-efficient products on the market to deal with changing event space dynamics: our MacroAir HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans.

MacroAir HVLS  industrial fans are large, run quietly, and feature air-moving blades inspired by NASA technology. For locations seeking energy-efficient airflow circulation during summer and winter, our MacroAir HVLS fans fit the bill. These fans save energy and come with the best warranty in the industry (50,000 hours of unlimited coverage). Because they’re capable of circulating heat down from the ceiling in the cooler months and shifting warm air away from occupants in the warmer season, our customer was able to improve guest comfort while saving energy at every event with our fans. Since the event space also hosts several concerts, the low noise/low acoustical interference serves as a major benefit.

Challenge Two: Optimize Remote Fan Control for Improved Comfort

As an event venue that handles the needs of diversified audiences on a regular basis, Marathon Music Works must keep its environment comfortable from hour to hour. While the fans provide the right type of airflow support, venue managers desired better system control.

To give the Nashville event venue a way to securely program and control the fans from a centralized system, we provided the multi-fan MacroAirController from EnergyLogic. With a digital display and touchscreen functionality, users can quickly turn the fan(s) on or off, adjust the speed, and alter the direction of circulation.

The MacroAirController gives users the ability to access the last settings used and provides real-time diagnostics for improved maintenance and troubleshooting. A secure solution, users can password protect the device and control up to 30 fans together or separately. The cutting-edge fan system delivers more control and more power than conventional solutions on the market today while conserving energy for lower monthly bills.

The EnergyLogic Commitment to Customers

As a provider of efficient commercial heating and cooling solutions, our team looks forward to the opportunity to work with customers from all backgrounds and with a variety of needs. Today, our event venue customers can easily adjust the indoor comfort level from event to event based on the number of people, the season, and the type of activity. The MacroAir HVLS fans work well alongside our waste-oil burning systems and as standalone energy-efficient products. We help all of our customers come up with the most cost-effective and benefits-focused solutions available.

If you are interested in learning more about a custom HVLS big fan solution please head over to and fill out the ‘contact us’ form’. We will call you back within 24 hours. Alternatively, give us a call at 1-800-311-8828.

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