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Evaporative Cooling with EnergyLogic HVLS Fans

How do HVLS Fans work?

✅ HVLS (High-volume, Low-speed) fans provide a more stable level of temperature control than small fans and HVAC ductwork.
✅ HVLS fans change the perceived temperature in a building by moving large volumes of air around the room.
✅ Humidity can change the perceived temperature. Too much moisture in the air causes your skin to stay warmer, even with a fan. An HVLS fan combats the perceived temperature caused by humidity with evaporative cooling.

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If you’ve ever experienced a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan, you know what an immense difference they can make in the room temperature. HVLS fans often provide a much more stable level of control than other, more traditional options, like small fans or even HVAC ductwork. As it turns out, there’s a lot of science behind it.

Perceived Temperatures

Have you ever heard a weatherman announce wind chill? That’s the perceived temperature. It is the temperature your body actually feels thanks to the wind, water, and other conditions besides actual degrees. HVLS fans work to change the perceived temperature in your office, warehouse, or building.

HVLS fans change the perceived temperature by moving large volumes of air around the room. As these air particles come in contact with your skin, some of your body heat is transferred to them. When they’re pushed away by the current, the air particles take the heat with them. This process happens constantly whenever air is moving across your body. The greater the volume of air being moved, the bigger the difference you feel.

Once these warmed particles are whisked away, they can transfer their heat to the cooler portions of the room. If you understand convection currents, you understand the way the temperatures will balance.

Evaporative Cooling

Humidity can also change the perceived temperature but in the opposite manner. Sweat cannot evaporate when the air is too full of moisture, causing your skin to stay warmer, even with a fan. HVLS fans combat this with evaporative cooling.

To put it simply, HVLS fans move so much air, so consistently, that it forces faster dispersion of the moisture and increases evaporation. The humidity lowers and it’s more comfortable and less “sticky” feeling, while also lowering the perceived temperature.

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