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Stay Warm and Productive This Winter with HVLS Fans

How can HLVS fans help you stay warm and productive this winter?

✅ Workplace temperatures can adversely affect productivity
✅ The expense of keeping a space warm enough during the winter is a concern for many employers and educators
✅ HVLS fans reduce heating bills by pushing warm air trapped at the ceiling back down to the ground
✅ There is an HVLS fan for every facility size from small offices to expansive warehouses

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For employees, workplace conditions can determine whether they thrive or fail. It’s no surprise that an individual’s productivity levels are directly affected by environmental conditions. Working in a physiologically comfortable temperature zone for our bodies improves the work that we put out. Similarly, if people are preoccupied with the temperature, their productivity will suffer. It isn’t rocket science; it’s just difficult to concentrate when we’re too hot or too cold.

What Temperature Range Is Ideal?

Studies suggest that temperatures ranging from 69.8–71.6 degrees Fahrenheit produce the most desirable levels of productivity.  Referred to as “ideal room temperature” it implies that performance levels will suffer the further temperatures vary from this range. While it is difficult to function at peak level in hotter temperatures, concentration begins to slip even more drastically in colder temperatures. This is because our bodies have to expend more energy to stay warm.

Colder temperatures are also linked to higher rates of sadness and depression, which negatively affect productivity. Likewise, when we’re warm, we tend to be happier—which motivates people to work. Not only are they more eager to work, but they’re also more likely to produce higher-quality results. For productivity’s sake, it’s best to stay a tad on the warm side.

Regulating ideal indoor air quality and temperatures is a real concern for many employers and educators. It’s expensive and requires plenty of energy.

Why HVLS Fans Are a Great Solution

There’s a way to maintain ideal temperatures that promote productivity without spending a fortune: High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. HVLS fans effectively control temperatures and manage humidity levels in all spaces from small offices to open-space warehouses. These fans are specifically designed to meet the demands of both hot and cold temperature conditions. Additionally, they’re effective in structures that lack their own heating and cooling systems.

Most importantly, this means that they aren’t solely limited to cooling warm areas like many people are led to believe. In fact, HVLS fans are an extremely cost-effective way to reduce heating bills in the frigid winter months because they resupply the room with the heat that typically stays trapped at the ceiling. In this way, they utilize the heat potential already available in a space by pushing warm air back down to ground level with little effort.

Larger spaces have more potential for heat loss, which translates to higher heating bills. It usually takes a lot of money and energy to continually reheat the lower areas where most people live and work. However, HVLS fans recycle warm air that’s already available with little energy output. They can also help increase the longevity and efficiency of existing cooling and heating systems because they won’t have to work as hard or long, saving even more energy!

HVLS Fan Design

HVLS fans accomplish this redistribution of heat with their sleek and innovative designs. Standard ceiling fans generally use small blades in an attempt to recirculate cool air in a warm environment.   Unfortunately, they aren’t very effective. Many people also try to reverse the direction the blades spin to redirect warm air in cooler climates. The result is the opposite effect. The blades are too small to redistribute the air thoroughly, and they produce excessive drafts that make people colder. 

HVLS fans outperform standard fans in each regard since they use long, NASA-inspired, airfoil-shaped blades to push air down and recirculate it. They have a much greater capacity to keep an area warm or cool when necessary.

HVLS fans are also incredibly safe and easy to install. HVLS fans are built to be extremely adaptable and versatile. Which means, there is a size and model for every business.

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