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Waste Oil Boilers – Features

Designed for waste oil. Built for the long run.

To create the perfect waste-oil recycling machine, EnergyLogic started from scratch to engineer a boiler made specifically for waste-oil & multi-fuel combustion. Our boiler is an ASME-certified true-vessel made of durable heavy-carbon steel. The water-jacketed heat exchanger prevents hot-spots that contribute to premature failure, and keeps heat ready to flow into your hydronics system (and optional secondary open-system coil!). Combine all that with state-of-the-art controls and easy access for cleaning, and you’ll see how EnergyLogic boilers are designed to go the distance.

Boiler Flame

It all starts with efficient combustion

You deserve more warmth with less maintenance. That’s why we’ve been engineering and patenting combustion innovations for over 35 years. The result is a turn-key system designed to ensure clean, complete combustion while adapting automatically to changes in fuel temperature and viscosity, which offers two big benefits. First, you can collect, even blend, the broadest range of fuels (from No.2, to 90 weight, to synthetics) while maintaining an optimally efficient burn, without babysitting. Second, a flame hot enough to incinerate more impurities and leaving less ash to clean, meaning more run hours between cleaning.

Boiler Door

Smartest Design = Lowest Maintenance

Our combustion technology is designed to keep your boiler cleaner longer. And when the time for maintenance finally arrives, we thought of that too! Make cleaning quick and easy with a swing-open boiler door and removable rear panel that offers easy access to the firing chamber. With our design you’ll get more uptime between cleanings and make short work of your maintenance routine.

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More fuels, no hassles

Our heaters are the simplest to own and operate. That’s because our heaters run seamlessly on fuels from No.2 to 90 weight (even synthetics) while maintaining optimal energy conversion. A Beckett chassis and AccuTemp preheater work together to maximize the efficiency and heat output of the waste oil you burn, and our patented metering pump by Danfoss provides consistent, reliable fuel delivery, regardless of fuel type, without manual adjustments.

Boiler Control Option

Boiler with a brain

EnergyLogic waste oil boilers come with a microprocesser boiler control system. And with an easy-to-use LCD display and push-button keypad that makes operating your boiler smarter and simpler than ever before.  The brains of the operation is the AquaSmart(tm) system.  By enabling the automated HeatManager(tm) the system senses conditions in the environment to conserve up to 20% of fuel through dynamic temperature reset.  Not only that, AquaSmart(tm) provides memory storage so you can track how the unit is running and perform diagnostics that make troubleshooting a breeze.

On-board air compressor

Why run shop air 24/7 to heat your space? EnergyLogic burners come with a small, super-efficient air compressor mounted right on the unit. It provides the perfect amount of airflow with no manual adjustments necessary. Require you to use shop air taxes a vital resource in your shop and adds hours of unnecessary compressor runtime to keep your facility warm during off-hours. But with EnergyLogic heaters, you get the air you need, only when you need it.

Heat fresh water too

Our one-of-a-kind domestic coil can be included with your boiler as a built-in option. This on-board accessory gives you an open hydronic loop in addition to the standard closed loop system. It allows you to use your boiler as a hot water heater for kitchen, restrooms, car washes, and much more. The unique design also allows you to heat water straight from the tap, without the risk of oxygenating the vessel.

Just right for you

EnergyLogic has the expertise to provide the ideal, custom application for you. Every opportunity is unique. Our team is standing ready to combine our knowledge and experience to create a solution as individual as you are.

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