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Waste oil global installs Kimberley Hall

Waste Oil Global Installs: Kimberley Hall

EnergyLogic is proud to feature several waste oil global installs of our patented Waste Oil products in unique locations around the world.  The first in the series is serene and stately Kimberley Hall which sits right on a beautiful 15-acre lake, overlooking the River Tiffey Valley. With a rich history, Arcadian landscape, and unique, stylish interior, Kimberley Hall is perfect for clients’ most special events. They can fill the hall with dancing guests, ringing laughter, and cheers to the hosts for virtually any kind of party – from elegant wedding receptions to contemporary graduation parties. Kimberly Hall is a gorgeous blank canvas that can accommodate all client needs.

Peaceful Destination

Kimberley Hall gives the appearance of a peaceful rural getaway, with its old-fashioned brick façade and situation in the valley. Yet it lies just nine miles from Norwich in a central Norfolk location. The hall is close to rail and air links, as well as arterial roads. The guest of honor can even make a grand entrance in a light aircraft on the hall’s private airstrip.

Unbeatable History

Guests love Kimberley Hall’s impressive history. The building has been a deer park and manorial site since the early Middle Ages. William Talman, a famous architect, built the present house in 1712 for Sir John Wodehouse. Internal embellishments such as the “flying” spiral staircase and fine plasterwork were added later, around 1770.

Kimberley Hall housed soldiers during the war, and underwent further remodeling after the war, in 1951. Today, the house is a testament to some of the most beautiful architecture and landscaping. The park is even home to Norfolk’s greatest ancient oaks.

Keeping Kimberly Hall in Operation

EnergyLogic is proud to provide the EL 500B waste oil boiler to Kimberley Hall to keep it in convenient, low-maintenance operation. The Hall can accommodate large parties without worrying about the boiler’s heat output or fuel combustion. The EL 500B produces less waste and ash, resulting in less need for maintenance. Kimberley Hall currently enjoys minimal fuel consumption, high temperature limits, and the ability to provide hot water to all its guests thanks to EnergyLogic.

Waste Oil Global Installs

This post is part of a blog series of featured installations by EnergyLogic around the globe.



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