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Don’t Wait Until It’s Cold – Here’s Why to Have Your EL Waste Oil Burner Serviced in the Summer

How and why should you service your waste oil heater in summer?

✅ it is essential to extend the life of your equipment
✅ EnergyLogic offers a range of online tutorials on how to perform regular maintenance tasks
✅ EnergyLogic also provides a factory service program
✅ EnergyLogic is offering promotional prices for maintenance in the summer months

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If you have a waste oil burner, you know it provides a valuable service. A waste oil burner disposes of waste fuels while providing energy for your heat and industrial processes. To ensure continued energy savings and effective operation, it is important to service your waste oil burner annually. Consider servicing your EnergyLogic waste oil burner while the weather is still warm. Here’s why.

Extend the life of your equipment

Reasons to Service Your Waste Oil Heater in Summer

Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the long life of your equipment. EnergyLogic waste oil burners run more efficiently than other models on the market. Our waste oil burners resist wear and tear through revolutionary technology, including hotter flames and wet floor heater exchange. Still, they require regular care, just like a car needs regular oil changes and new tires.

Ensures Dependable Operation, All Winter Long

Servicing your waste oil burner in the summer months delivers consistent energy efficiency when you need it most. When the temperatures drop and the wind begins to howl, rest assured you’ll have a well-maintained, high-quality waste oil burner in working order.  

Ways to Service Your Waste Oil Heater


EnergyLogic waste oil burners feature a simple design that makes maintenance easy. Our ash removal ports are easy to access, and cleaning the chamber takes only 30 minutes.

We also offer a range of tutorials on our website that help you with basic maintenance tasks to ensure your waste oil burner’s longevity. Protect your investment by taking a few minutes to learn how to perform regular maintenance on it. You can also download manuals for many of our burner models. 

On our support page, you’ll find instructional videos on:

Additionally, EnergLogic offers a line of tools and accessories that will help you clean and maintain your system in between annual maintenance periods. Air compressor test gauges, flue brushes, and waste oil heating burner brush kits all help to create continuous, smooth operation for your waste oil burner system. Make your waste oil burner more efficient with regular maintenance and accessories. 

Take Advantage of Our Factory Service Program

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, take advantage of our factory service program. EnergyLogic is staffed by a network of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can service your waste oil burner for you. There is a technician available near you to keep your waste oil burner running at maximum efficiency, from routine maintenance to complex troubleshooting. If there’s not, call us at (800) 335- 3092 to schedule your annual burner maintenance. We’ll send you a postage-paid box – simply ship us your burner, and we’ll return it to factory settings and ship it back to you. This keeps your waste oil burner working as well as the day you purchased it.

We offer promotional prices for maintenance in the summer months, so act now to protect your investment. With our factory service program, we’ll ensure your waste oil burner lasts for seasons to come.To schedule your maintenance or to ask us further questions, please contact us.

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