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Waste Oil Global Installs: Shieldhill Castle

How was EnergyLogic able to contribute to the modernization of Shieldhill Castle?

✅ Shieldhill Castle is a 12th Century historic home that today is a luxurious hotel and events venue.
✅ Original parts of the building date back to 1199, although many extensions and alterations have occurred to the historic building over the centuries.
✅ EnergyLogic installed an EL500B waste oil boiler with an integrated, domestic hot water coil as part of its ongoing modernization.
✅ EnergyLogic’s innovative solution provides heat and hot water to multiple parts of the centuries-old building at once.
✅ Energy-efficient appliances from EnergyLogic are helping historic properties around the globe stay in operation for decades to come.

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EnergyLogic is proud to have installed our patented waste-oil heaters and boilers in unique locations around the world. Most of our global installs are completed in buildings designated as historical landmarks that people want to preserve. However, our global customers need a heating and energy solution with a low carbon footprint. They also require a solution without the exorbitant costs often associated with aging buildings. 

The third in our Global Installs Series is Shieldhill Castle. Set in Biggar, Scotland over six acres of gardens and wooded parkland, Shieldhill Castle’s 12th century buildings now serve as a hotel and events venue. 

History of the Castle

Built in 1199, Shieldhill Castle is a masterpiece of history and architecture. For over 750 years, Shieldhill was occupied by the Chancellor family. The Chancellor’s came from France during the Norman Conquest and are known to have fought for Mary, Queen of Scots at the Battle of Langside in 1568. The Chancellor family remained owners of the castle until 1959 when it was sold and turned into a hotel. Since 1959, the hotel has hosted stays from other famous people, including Nelson Mandela. During his stay for the 1997 Commonwealth Summit in Edinburgh, he planted an oak tree in front of the castle. 

Over the centuries, the castle has been extended and altered many times. New wings have expanded its footprint. A circular stair tower to the North was added. New entrances were created. Walls were thickened with more stone. Chapels were converted to libraries. However, it retains many of its original components. Among them is a massive square tower thought to be part of the original structure. 

Other elements also remain that exude the rich history and changes. The original entrance door, although moved from its first location at the round tower, also remains. Above the door is an engraved stone, reputedly part of the altar, with shields and the letters “I.H.S.” and “M.A.” The initials belong to James Chancellor and Margaret Levingston of the late 17th century. There is also a stone shield bearing the Chancellor family crest with the date 1619.

Shieldhill Castle Today

Today, Shieldhill Castle is a luxury venue for weddings and business conferences. As part of its upgrades over the centuries, Shieldhill Castle needed a modernized heating system. 

EnergyLogic is proud to have helped with that modernization by installing an EnergyLogic 500B waste oil boiler. Today, Shieldhill castle can use EnergyLogic technology and innovation to heat water in multiple areas throughout the enormous castle at once. As the only boiler vessel built specifically for waste oil from the ground up, the EL 500B Boiler can use waste oil from the castle’s kitchens and vehicles to fuel the boiler. The patented, flame retention head creates a hotter flame for complete fuel combustion and the highest heat output. Therefore, Shieldhill Castle can easily use its waste motor oil, vegetable oil, and other types of waste oil to efficiently provide heat throughout the property.

Shieldhill Castle also opted to add the optional integrated domestic hot water coil to its system. Thanks to this high-efficiency EL product, Shieldhill Castle can also deliver piping hot water for all restrooms, kitchens, and appliances without costing a fortune in energy bills.

Like Shieldhill Castle, Energy Logic’s 500B boiler is built to last decades, not years. The heavy carbon-steel construction is more robust and more efficient than cast-iron and coil-tube boilers provided by other brands.

Energy-efficient solutions from EnergyLogic help historic properties like Shieldhill Castle stay in operation. 

Waste Oil Global Installs

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