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Onboard Air Compressor

Onboard Air Compressors vs. External Compressed Air

Benefits of an Onboard Air Compressor in Waste-Oil Combustion


Compressed air is at the heart of waste-oil combustion heaters. In a waste-oil combustion furnace, the air compression system can make a great difference in the safety, reliability, and overall efficiency of your heating unit. The waste-oil combustion furnaces at EnergyLogic use onboard air compressors, standard, to optimize unit performance and life. Here are three benefits of onboard air compressors compared to external compressed air.


Increased Safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of an onboard air compressor versus external compressed air is increased safety. One of the biggest problems with using external compressed air is the risk of fire. Leaving an external compressed air system on overnight can lead to the furnace overheating and potentially igniting. Fires can occur when a hose springs a leak unexpectedly. This risk of fire forces people to shut off their compressors at night. While this eliminates the risk of a fire, it means missing out on the benefits of a waste oil heater and leads to other issues: cold, viscous fuel, frozen pipes, and an uncomfortable and less-productive workspace.

Avoid these issues by using for onboard air compressors instead. Onboard air compressors are ultra-efficient, providing the exact amount of airflow needed without manual adjustments. With onboard air compression, you don’t have to use shop air. This takes out unnecessary compressor run time that reduces the life of your equipment and can lead to overheating and fire. Onboard air compressors deliver air when you need it, in the right amount. An onboard air compressor can give you the peace of mind that you can return to a more comfortable workspace, generating heat overnight while your shop equipment is safely shut down.

The super-efficient air compressor mounted directly on a standard EnergyLogic burner allows the furnace to function safely and autonomously throughout periods of low occupancies, such as overnight. Therefore, the users can enjoy a warm, comfortable workplace in the morning without running the risk of a fire. EnergyLogic users enjoy the best of both worlds – all while taking advantage of responsible waste oil recycling practices and lowered energy costs.


Enhanced Product Reliability

The alternative to onboard air compressors is to use a large central compressor that processes shop air in addition to running other functions. This setup is problematic in several ways. Adding another unit to an existing compressed air system can put too much stress on the compressor, which can lead to breakdowns. The compressor has to run more often and use more energy to power a unit. On top of having to run more often, the large compressor tank can collect contaminants such as water or dust. This can lead to fuel contaminant problems. To avoid this issue, the user has to invest in even more equipment to combat these potential contaminants.

An onboard air compressor, on the other hand, does not contribute stress on the air compressor. It eliminates hours of unnecessary run time, giving the unit a break while continuing to provide air to the necessary tools and processes. Onboard air compressors also ensure proper fuel atomization. When combined with a preheater and metering pump, this compressor gives efficient and complete combustion of fuel, regardless of changes in fuel viscosity or flash point. Even during changes in fuel properties, the compressor can achieve high combustion quality and fuel efficiency without the need for manual adjustments.


Ease of Use

The user also has to connect the furnace to shop air, sapping a building’s resources and complicating the process when combined with a metering pump. External compressed air systems often require the user to adjust settings manually for optimal performance. The user also has to connect the furnace to shop air, sapping a building’s resources and complicating the process when combined with a metering pump. A small, high-performing onboard air compressor is user-friendly, requiring little to no manual adjustments throughout its lifetime. The onboard system provides exactly the right amount of air where and when you need it, without requiring attention from the user. This autonomous technology eliminates the need for excessive adjustments necessary with unoptimized systems.

The onboard air compressor standard on EnergyLogic burners will save you time and energy. It revolutionizes the waste oil furnace, replacing external compressed air with a more convenient, efficient, clean onboard air atomization system. Contact us for more information about our waste-oil heaters.







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