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Waste Oil Heating and HVLS fan technologies are not only incredibly innovative and powerful, they are also extremely versatile. EnergyLogic’s team of engineers and technicians work hand-in-glove with clients like CSX on complex projects with combined systems that delivering comfort and safety in ways that save money in an ecologically responsible way. 


heating a big room

Better Together 

People think: Heaters in the winter, and fans in the summer… Makes sense. And it’s true that Waste Oil Heating and HVLS fans work great in tandem, but the ultimate in worker productivity and energy efficiency is when the two systems are working together, at the same time. Our furnaces provide the free heat, while our fans recirculate that warmth down to the shop floor to make the entire workspace feel great! 

custom heater mounts

Tons of Options

We've designed our waste oil systems to be versatile, so that you can bring heat whenever and wherever you need it. Just one example is our waste oil furnace mounts. We've designed our furnaces so that they can be mounted to virtually any ceiling, and blow warm air out both sides of the unit. We also have accessories offering easy tank and wall-mounts.


car wash layout

Boiling Over with Versatility 

It’s hard to find equipment quite so capable or functional as our waste oil boilers. First, they can transmit hit wherever you need it, even to parking lots and rooftops for deicing. They can heat the air with radiators or warm from the ground up with in-floor heating. They’ll even provide hot, fresh water for use in car washes, kitchens, and showers. Our in-house team of engineers and national network of professional installers work together on every custom project to help customers maximize the benefit of every boiler we manufacture. 

custom garage

We Love a Challenge 

If you’ve got a huge space and a complicated work environment, you may not know where to begin. You may feel a little overwhelmed. Well, we feel excited! We have the engineering know-how and hands-on expertise to thrive doing what’s never been done before. We specialize in engineered systems incorporating multiple units, combining differing technologies to meet the special circumstances of largest and most complicated work environments that exist: Locomotive shops, mines in the Gobi desert, and oil fields in Mongolia. If you’ve got a big challenge, contact us. We’ll make you feel good about it. 



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